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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brothers In Arms Mixtape Done

Go Download the Brothas In Arms Mixtape by me n my brother n rhyme Hipnosis. It's Free and it's good quality Hip-Hop. Enjoy.



Friday, April 4, 2008

Kween Piece on the Board (dusted free write)

This is the soundtrack for the blog (ST dont got nuffin to do wit the blog wit it)

idk, she breathes on the fone. not like, that "DAMN BITCH STOP BREATHIN N MY EAR" breathin either. It's perfectly fine when she do it.

i kall late n she's tired...this happens far too often. Maybe i should call earlier she said...
Good Idea. I guess that'll work, but i sorta look forward to talkin to sleepy u, it's real as hell. I get a lot of answers when u aint really answerin...nah mena? (spelled mena on purpose)
When ur lil narcoleptic ass doze off, i let u go for a while. The silence is cool. The only thing that breaks that silence (aside from the irresponsibly loud mufuckas n my hallway) is ur breathing, not to b confused wit snoring

I like to lissen to the breaths son. it holds a certain innocence that we too old to attain anymore, but of course u miss out on it cuz ur sleeping lol .

I feel like i'm 5 again when u breathe youth in my ear. worry free, concerned wit lil ish like kool-aid bursts (remember them) and chips ahoy when they only came in the blue bag.

I guess what i'm saying is u make me feel young...that sounds gay as shytt. Well...okay i got it...
U MAKE ME FEEL FUCK FREE. I'm free to make moves, and at the same time I don't give a ____ cuz i'm 5 again. No priorities for that lil 5 minutes. then i wake u up, and ask if u wanna go to sleep.

Me: U tired?
Her: U'm nnnm sleepit (u should really hear urself)
Me: Luh u son
Her: Aight I'm goin to sleep...(punk ass half sleep laf) Luh u too

Then i roll over and empty my pockets n kick off my tims n doze off.
It's a drunk bitch askin for directions

Me: U have the wrong number
DB: Dale, i hate u. U said call u for help. UR AN ASS HO- (I hung up)

word to my drink of choice, Gin n Tonic where u at (inside).
Hi Skool Philosophy (explanation for power0u splurgin)