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Sunday, December 28, 2008


I stayed over my girl crib over the night and all was well. I aint have no intention on stayin over, but it was cool tho.
Me her brother n mama smoked beadies (cool right? I KNO!!!), we watched "embarassing" home videos, i baked my girl's ass up n down (as always, face was tight as hell lmao) and then i fell asleep on the leather couch (sweatin like hell on that leather couch). Let's back track a lil bit tho. We was in her room and i continued bakin her and amongst one of the things i said was sumfin my brother says quite frequently. I say "You're a trophy wife! lol"

I said it quite loosely cuz my kween sleeps like 23 hours of the day and she never has a preference or any suggestions. The morning comes and her mother's like, "Make Mike some breakfast..."(phreshest shyt i ever heard) and i'm like, "bet, make me some breakfast"....Kweens facial expression, "nigga please"...

So i decided to put the hand out and say come on yo I'll help. She's reluctant....but gives in. We gotta wash dishes. So I'm thinkin fine, I'll run the water, then she does sumfin that completely blows my mind...she opens a dishwasher...U gotta b fuckin kiddin me...anyway she proceeds to load it up, i'm amazed that she manages to avoid the grit and grime and pruney fingers of actually washing ur dishes, but i guess that was jus the warm up lol.

I pull the turkey bacon out and put it on the stove n she goes, "ur gonna put that on wit no butter" (MY JAW DROPS), "baby it makes it's own grease...were u serious?" her response, (under breath) ".....yeah".

" just get the eggs out and start on those." This shyt here is where the story becomes classik. She's beatin the eggs in the bowl and I just finished the bacon and there's no other pan for her to do the while i'm cleanin it for her to use, i look over and she's choppin the butter (horizontally across the top lol) and puts it in a pot...."FOR EGGS THO BABY!?" Her mother and me are getting on her I'm shakin my head like wtf Moe. "Jenna get outta my kitchen" (I'm at her house mind u) and she walks off into the living room all pouty and plops down on the couch. I finish makin breakfast alone. It was great. My girl wasn't no least she look good tho. Luv u Jenna

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best and Worst of 2008

-Free Mixtapes (once again)
-Rain at the Georgia Ave Carribean Day Parade
-Saigon Leaving Atlantic
-GTA 4
-Last FM
-Phillies World Series Win
-OBAMA WINS!!! (Broad Street was crazy)
-Play Clothes
-Everybody in HipHop punchin Yung Berg
-Royce Da 5'9" and Joe Budden Joinin forces
-the G Phone
-Rick Ross' Interview with Kevin Tate (youtube it lol)
-My New Haircut (youtube it)

-Plies' 3rd album
-Gucci Mane takin over DC
-OJ finally being proven guilty
-Paris Hilton finding a best friend on MTV
-Any Love show on VH1
-Tight Jeans and More Man Purses
-Louis Rags on thugs
-Hate Crimes on Obama Supporters (black and white alike)
-Philly rappers goin back n forth on Camera (like yall dont kno where the other dude live at)
-Common Working With Pharrell
-the Death of Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac a week within eachother
-Lil Wayne's Lip Ring
-Souljah boy gettin roasted after going back at Charles Hamilton (killed it on the autotunes Chuck, job well done)
-XXL Freshman 10

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cappa is Back

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 All Black Girls...Preserve that Power-U


A few weeks back i had my facebook status set as black girls preserve ur wooms or sumfin along those lines. Well i guess i'm just writing this to expound upon that statement. Like 4 girls i went to high school with got preg while they were in school. I try not to be judgemental of people, because i have a heavy belief that all people have some kinda good nature in them; and no matter what their situation may be it's not in my place to begin judging them unless i'm personally effected.

I get a fone call the week before thanksgiving from an old friend i been keepin in touch with via myspace. And i ask her about a picture of a sonogram on her page, and she says 'it's my son, im five monfs'. She's 20 now, she's outta skool, but her like many of the black girls i kno ended up gettin pregnant by a Bitch Ass Nigga (BAN). I wrote in an earlier facebok note that a bitch ass nigga's job is to fuck it up for real niggas. So in this case the BAN is that nigga that can bust nuts and dash quicker the Usain Bolt. How bitchmade is that!?

Young Black Women, stop givin it to these boys so easy. Karrine "Superhead" Steffans (ironically says) "Don't let out so fast. If u say no to a lame ass dude he'll switch his approach so damn quick... he'll approach u as a man later and address u more appropriately". Dave Chappelle (ELLINGTON IN THE BUILDING!!!!) more eloquently states "if pussy was a stock, the market would be plummeting, because ur givin it out wayyy to easy".

As men we're warriors, that bein said don't give these mufuckas victory, let em deserve the win. As warriors, men naturally love a challenge in a sense. So don't make the challenge five minutes of game spitting, a fresh hairstyle n kicks, the flashing of some car keys, and some Gucci Frames. That ain't where it's at. If he can't go no farther than that, you should know he was just tryna lay you. If that 4 days of tryna fuck turns into a week of tryna be subtle, it'll turn into week two where u never hear from this nigga again, unless u tryna give nook-nook.

A lot of these lame ass niggas can be spotted right from the's all in a young niggas myspace layout...if that nigga got a Lil Wayne background, that should be a no right out the gate lmao. But nah on some real, just peep the shyt a nigga says, if he droppin the L bomb a week in or feedin u a fairytale right out the jump, he probably been doin that for the las couple jawns he been hittin up n Boltin on. N i kno a lot of yall girls got girlfriends thas familiar to this situation...SO Y THE FUCK DO U LET URSELF GET IN THE SAME SITUATION!?!?!?!? Y'ALL AIN'T TIRED OF THIS SHYT YET!?!?!?

But yeah to sum it all up, don't let out to a nigga u think won't make a suitable partner; father; male friend. Not to say don't have sex out of a relationship (that's very much fine), becuz people are gonna be people. There's nuffin wrong wit gettin it in, but don't put out to anything ass niggas....iight im bout to cook sumfin...AKZionz ReAKZion Comin Early '09.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


watch this n tell me u dont like Ross