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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hassani Kwess- Kinda Like a Big Deal

U goes in my nigga
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Super Wavey Rmx. Ft. AKZionz

Super Wavey rmx/ ft. AKZionz from the upcoming mixtape T.H.C. (available July 7, 2009). This is my brother so i got a suuper advanced copy and it goes so hard!!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Top Five Albums

No Particular Order (in my opinion)

1) Bob Dylan- Desire
That nigga Bob went in with political tracks like "Hurricane" and stories like (my favorite song ever) "One More Cup of Coffee". This album opened me up to music that wasnt Hip Hop and broadened my horizons for wut good music is.

2) Notorious B.I.G.- Ready to Die
This is thee Most Complete Hip-Hop album in the history of Hip-Hop. Big was hungry for his spot. Nothing was left untouched on this album; Story tellin, Braggadocio shyt, Gangsterism, Joints for the Shorties, Personal Joints. For any Hip-Hop head, Ready to Die is the quintessential album for ur collection.

3) Purple Rain- Prince
This doesn't need an's fuckin Prince. That nigga is like every God known to man wrapped up in one and handed a guitar. (this is my number 1 favorite album)

4) NWA- Straight Outta Compton
Cube set all them up wit the bars (don't act like u thought Eazy E could actually write, he admitted Cube writes for him on the 8Ball rmx). This was a controversial album for understandable reasons, but the political undertone is more than ignored in this album. This album change the game forever....FOREVER!!!!

5) Ghostface Killa- Ironman/Supreme Clientele
My favorite emcee came wit the hard on these too i always have a hard time choosin which one i like more. Ironman was more organic and raw wit joints like "260", "Black Jesus" and "Winter Warz" (Cappadonna was spittin his face off. I heard it was a freestyle too). I didn't appreciate "All That I Got is You" as much as i should've until i saw the video. That nigga was dirt ass poor.
Supreme Clientele was Ghost wit less restriction. None of that niggas lyrics made sense until u lissened to it like 6 times lol (Nutmeg, Appollo Kids, and Buck 50). That nigga Ghost showed his story tellin side when he rapped about beatin up Ma$e in a club on the song "Malcolm" and a shorty he wanted to fuck when he was a kid on "Child Story".

*****Keep it Goin*****

fav track: One More Cup of Coffee
fav trak: Nutmeg
fav trak: Winter Warz
fav trak: Everyday Struggle
sidenote: I wonder wut the baby on the cover is doin wit his life now. hmmmmm...
fav trak: I Ain't the One
fav track: The Beautiful Ones

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WTF is Wrong with White Kids

Note to the Viewers...this is all because his mom cancelled his World of Warcraft subscription

Monday, June 22, 2009

In case u don't kno....

i enjoy the presence of beautiful sisters, whether figuratively or literally. Y'all make me wanna make music, even when it aint about yall. I got a new influence now. My Lil Sister. She growin up now, last time i seen her she was still little. Now she 16 n she blossoming to b a beautiful young woman thas gon make some man a happy guy when she gets older.

But cheah, AKZion Figures the EP comin soon...

I'ma let y'all kno from jump street, dont disrespect mine

Truth be told, i destroy niggas


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A.D.I.D.A...(All Day I Dream About)


These are some of the things that always revolve around my mind either as an interest or as a source of inspiration. (IF U TAGGED DO ONE TOO)
Dark Girls
Light Girls
Gay Girls
Colorful Natural Girls
Girls Wit Boy Cuts
Mysterious Blogger Girls
Not So Mysterious Blogger Girls
Flyy Girls thas jus my Homies
White Girls
Apache Vocalist Girls
CUS Girls
Twin Girls
Not Twin Girls
I Wish A Nigga Would!! Girls
Shotgun Girls
Sister n Law Girls
I Knew U Since Way Back Girls
iGot More Barz then Most of ur Niggas Girls
Leave it to the Universe Girls

In one way or another y'all all my sisters. My Brother Nate Grey said sumfin along the lines of "iv u a fine ass girl, chances are i wana draw u more than lay u down." I identify wit that homie. Cept that im a writer

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hair..(Photo of the day)

I don't plan on making a photo of the day segment on my blog but this picture is worth x amount of words. I don't know too much about the story behind this picture, however i do know that this little boy got the chance to meet Obama. When the chance came he asked, "can i touch your hair to see if it feels like mine?"...anyone that can't c the power behind this flikture must be braindead or completely oblivious to American History. This hit me kinda hard, felt like a pound to the chest, but in a good way tho. Peep it.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Being a Black Man

So the Washington Post has this new section called Being a Black Man. I haven't read the post in a minute since i been in Philly so I'm not exactly sure if it's strictly an internet section or if it's print too. Fact of the matter is; for the ignorant, curious, and/or black community i would more then encourage you all to visit the section. It offers an unbiased view of the black man in america, brought to you from black men in america. BTW, my man G5 Clive put me onto this. Peep his Blog

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hipnosis - Mental Therapy the Mixtape

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Clothing Designers, looking for exposure?

"Any designers looking for exposure?

well yours truly, Sonnie is coordinating a fashion show for mid July .

The show will be held in the DMV area.

Any designers that would like to participate in the show please send images of at least 3 of your pieces to by June 17th.

Chosen designers will be notified on the 20th.

Pass the word. go hard, go high. or go home. good luck. .xxxx."

-Sonnie Daze

Shout to my sister Sonnie Daze