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Wednesday, September 24, 2008



So i'm sittin in my Accounting i payin attetion at all?...No, but instead I'm lookin out of the window at the Philadelphia Skyline. Damn... I'm back in skool. Kool I guess. I jus wish class was over so i can smoke my Cohiba (I brought it from home and somehow forgot my cutter, suxx right?).

I hate when peoples voice volume doesn't match their surroundings, niggas that yell n libraries and get quiet at shows....backwards, but the professor has a huge class and her voice aint goin past the tip of her nose...whisperin ass. This is the point where my mind starts drifting (I miss my girlfriend, why don't whitney ever answer her fone, niggas b loafin, u got a charge doin what?, FUCK OUTTTA HEA!,i need some more tims it's gettin cold soon, u got the juice now, str8 from the motherfuckin slums they bust this WTC aint nuttin to fuck wit,if it brick can't stand on walls no more wut wold u aks it?, Jesus Christ had a fade and a Goatee like mine, my beard is gettin so much richer, me disrespectful? FUCK OUTTA HEA!!!, Septa sucks dick wit teeth, metro is so much better, I aint losin ur lil stupid ass challenge Camille)

My professor look like she lures lil boys n girls to her house wit a trail of candy n sweets, then she cook them...i don't even fuck wit....OMG IS THAT A FUCKIN NESTLE CRUNCH BAR!!!!

OMG i thought that writin all this woulda ate up some time, i only been in here for 10 minutes...i can't do 2 hours of this. I'm about to record a DISS track for this bitch ass class lol. Marilyn i luv u baby.

I'll holla at y'all niggas later. peace...i'm fuckin dyin man (Dave Chapelle Voice)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Floppin like Magikarp on Land

The dollar isn't worth as much as it used to be, gas is up, oil is up. Even lil shyt like cigarettes, Dutch Masters and CDs cost more. The record industry isn't selling as many records and there doesn't seem like too much promise for anybody tryna kick off a career on a major, especially in the Hip Hop Arena. No one is being built for longevity and companies are simply conforming to what the next man is doin as oppose to tryna find the hungry artists. Now the only artists selling (up to the industry's standards) are Jay-Z, the Game, Kanye, Jeezy, Weezy, and Rick Ross.

Maybe it's me, but when i look at the broader picture of the mainstream's Yung Bergs, Souljah Boys, Hurricane Chris-es and Gucci Manes it doesn't look like anyone is being built for a long fruitful career, but rather for a kwik buck in the pocket. When a ringtone, which is jus a snippet of a song, costs 2.50 and the whole song costs 99 cents, that to me is a blatant sign that the game is just fucked up. That means that for every ringtone a man sells, the next guy gotta sell about 3 singles....!??!?!?

Rapin the market, cuz that's what sells i guess. They know that these are certain artists that will never go gold, so they exploit the ringtone game and everybody wants to hear "Sexy Can I" before they answer they fones....and are sadly willin to pay 3 bucks for it.

Legends can't get promotion anymore (Redman, Ghostface, Method Man, and a few other cats on Def Jam, most of which left). Raekwon never gon drop OB4CL2, and Busta Rhymes just got dropped from Aftermath after deliverin a gold record about 2 years ago with The Big Bang and a hot single that's in rotation now (Dr. Dre is fuckin up, he ain't releasin nobody stuff. That's why everybody leavin; Joell Ortiz is hot, but Aftermath was loafin on cuz)

Goin gold used to be a proud accomplishment
, now u gotta go PLATINUM PLUS before you get any recognition as a solid artist in the game. Nobody wanna sound like self no more. No one's lookin for lyricism anymore. The art can't speak for itself no more, instead u have to sound like Lil Wayne (damn...everybody had a freestyle over the a milli beat...even fuckin Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo dissin Chris on the same beat, wowwwwwwwwwwwww) and if ur a girl u gotta damn near flash ur kitten to get any "respect", then if that isn't enough u gotta constantly make that a chunk of ur subject matter while defending urself as a "respectable woman" in society, try puttin ur tits back in before u try to convince us ma.

I like the Hotstylz song, "Lookin Ass Nigga", i find it quite hillarious, but they don't have a deal. They have a ONE SONG DEAL
. WTF!??! Now you can sign somebody for one song and suck them dry. What has the game come down to? I thought we had a problem when D4L replaced drums on a track for some snaps (big ups to Ceph the God for pointin that out), but now u can have an internet sensation some out of nowhere wit a ONE SONG DEAL and snatch the game up for a few months and then disappear.

Man Universal Records is fuckin up!!!
I seen that the second Atlantic released 2 Plies albums before Saigon even had a solid video on the TV or a Snipe (poster) in the hood's abandonned buildings. Greatest Story Never Told won't b told told for another hot second since he left and started shoppin it to the indies. I aint mad at Plies, get ur money man, i jus so happen to think that Saigon is a better all around artist and a big breath of fresh air that mainstream music needs.

We need a scape goat...hmmmm...let's blame Limewire
. Yeah, that'll do it. Nah fuck dat. The internet does hold some responsibility, but u cant put it all on them like it aint summa tha industry's fault.

I got an idea. How about u sign somebody that's gonna execute, instead of signing the "disposable artist". If they could breed somebody worth listening to I stand more than sure that the, people will not mind paying their 10-15 dollars on an album, bringin the business to where it needs to b once again.