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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Execution of these Lawz

Back n July, my man G Christ (yall may know him as Nate Grey, Kennef or Black Jesus) put me up on this book by Robert Greene; The 48 Laws of Power. This would become a book that i would never be able to sit down and put energy into reading from front to back. So i pretty much read it on and off, usually in between school, homework reading, running errands, living my life, and talkin to my kween.

About 2 weeks ago, i found myself reading some more of these laws after cleaning my crib (u gotta preserve ur spot yo). So i flipped thru a few pages and skipped from law 17 (what i had read up to) and landed on at the beginning of law 25 (recreate yourself)...ok it's about that time. I'm 19 years older, I'm an artist, I'm a kalij student, I'm a representative for the underpriviledged kids of DC, and it's about time I add sumfin else to that to make myself a bit more of a better off person.

Maybe it's about time i make an investment into a new craft to add onto my long list of others. Maybe it's about time i take on a new mantra to get in my zone. Maybe it's about time i splash more seeds, thas always a good investment...Healthy FUTURE. Nothing is certain yet, but i expect to make some changes as well as add some things to myself.

First thing first. My Fizikal: It's about time i get some new frames (these glasses are pissing me off...and these are the back up pair that i didnt like anyway). I'm a business student, so it's about time i step up my collection of grown man clothes (i been sayin this for the longest, sadly i haven't had too much of a surplus lately, the recession is hittin me hard like the nex guy) and sooner or later (most likely sooner than later ) i'm gonna have to chop down my goatee :-(. My eyes are gonna have to clear up too. These are just a few things amongst many that i've been concidering.

As far as the intangible changes are concerned, you'll c as i execute them at some point n the future. These changes gon b a lot more powerful especially with me involuntarily practicing law 16 up here in Philly, away from home. I'm gon read 25 a few more times for a bit more clarity. Until then the Vagabond says peace...Obama '08, get up and make change y'all.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skyline pt.2 (The Rulers Back)

I'm sorry, but this class is unbearable. So to allow myself to write this blog, i jus got my laptops mic on recording the lecture for later on when i got the patience to lissen to this shrill monotone voice.

So i go to look back at the Skyline through the classroom window, but she has me all figured out. The blinds are closed...that being said, i'll iPod things thru one ear (Shuffles iPod and settles on Scarface's latest album M.A.D.E.).

So the other night i was laying back on the phone with Ceph the God watchin VH1's Hip Hop Honors, and i realized something. Slick RIck was telling his story and he was decked out in a brown and lime suit, matching eye patch of course, and jewelry. A platinum link and another platinum link wit a green stoned crucifix, and i said "WTF, Ricky D aint wearin the truck gold!?!?" and Ceph's response was, "Damn I aint even notice. I was just listening to what he was saying."

I was listening too, however i think i was doing more observing than listenin. As an emcee i'm not one to judge a rapper by their pieces, but Slick Rick is synonymous with gold. After a good two decades of wearing ropes, cubans, and gucci links wit massive gaudy dinner plate sized pendants and obnoxiously loud chunky rings on virtually every finger, the Ruler could most definitely wear his weight in gold (Even chandeliers is jealous of the patch eye's glitter).

Fade to Black concert, before Ghostface went to perform his duet wit Beyonce, Rick tosses all of his gold around the Wu Tang Emcees tree bark sized neck (also known for Truck Gold) and (all respect to Ghost) it looked like it was pulling him down on stage. Back to the Hip Hop Honors show, Slick Rick graces the stage with all his jewelry on and puts on a theatrical form of his international hit "Children's Story". I dont know, maybe his lack of Jewelry during the interview is just him growing up. Maybe his neck can't take it no more lol, or maybe he feels like he's left his mark in Hip Hop's history of crown jewels.

On the Pharell Williams Gangster Grill Mixtape, Skateboard P kicks off the tape by saying " I was inspired by Slick Rick, like he used to just come on stage and shytt on niggas real quick, then wave his fingers around the world and call us crumbs n shytt, i was hurt, stunned, astounded, amazed, and dazed and confused as a child. When u look at the 'Hey Young World' video, that shytt changed my life. So when u see me rollin around here lookin like Slick Rick, you know what the fuck it's comin from." I think Pharrell jus said what i was tryna say. It's kinda hard seein one of the loudest icons in Hip Hop (shot his cuzn n broad daylight n the Bronx, and pulled off in a yellow beamer wit Ricky D on the plates, kinda movie star shytt is that?) come so humble wit such modest jewelry on. IDK if this makes no sense...i jus kno this make me wanna listen to the "Great Adventures of Slick Rick" (Controversial ass album, if i've ever seen one).