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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Extremist and Let Downs

Soundtrack to this blog (vintage weezy, the weezy i like)

-no i'm not random. it's just me speaking my inner monologue. nobody told ur chump ass to lissen, so next time i speak off topik, shut tha fuck up before u make judgement.

-i hold down a kween, niggas been together for monfs, but it's still a new thing to me. sorta like i'm still adjustin to this whole relationship thing, but i'm very well aware of the situation. patience....yeah kid. i got a lot of that.

-she graduated the same day obama grabbed the spot. great day.

-how come errbody from philly on smack dvd sound the same...i was n a party and these niggas was spittin...nuffin special jus a bunch of murder, guns, drugs, pussy, and whips...nuffin that hasn't been said before. yeah guys really original.

-summ rappers should get smacked for shytt they say n they music. I fuck wit jeezy, but u had summ stupid ass lines. (u was more than family, u was like my brother....) and (im so fly if i tok off this parachute i'll fall and die) luckily he stepped his bar game up.

-summ rappers should get smacked in the mouf wit abelt for shytt they say outside of they music. Wayne can rap, but we all kno u aint no gangsta pah. (i'll kill u, and ur kids, and ur family. SU WU!!!) fuck outta here.

-what i hate more than half the shytt wayne say now is his bitch ass fans that luv errthing he says, but dont kno wut he fuckin sayin, cuz half the time now he aint talkin bout nuffin. i swear they holdin his dick for ever dear life. if they let go____________flatline. dick biters. Carter 3 is bullshyt anyway. 17 songs 6 good ones. niggas waited for 6 songs.

-i'm up to my neck in music projects that i'm knockin off like water. Magnum Opus album comin soon, AKZionz' ReAKZion mixtape comin soon, Full Metal Brothers Tape comin soon. and im doin an EP wit Banquo n Hipno.

-i saw a video of some Black Israelites mocking the holocaust on soapboxes when a Jewish kid contested them for being racist. the boy cried. I cried with him. Sad shyt. i dont kno if thats how the israelites get down for real, or if them soap box niggas are just extremists. I hope the latter. If so, they paint a very nasty picture of what following god is.

-i have 3 days until i'm home

-i miss all my brothers, i miss my sisters too, and the kween. i miss my younger gods, i miss creatin on a free reign. i fuckin hate livin on a schedule. im too much of an artist to b contained like dis. if it wasn't for my blogspot. i prolly woulda lost my fuckin mind.

-if u still lissenin to wayne turn it off. Sean Price is iller at this point n my night

-ayo araba, u that nigga son. real tiddalk. u hold me down like steel plates yo. thanx for bein understandin n all that other sensitive shytt. punk ass nigga lol

-i got a final later i sleepin? am i gon pass?...i guess. i studied for it

-ay for every body that still rock those Hip-Hop is dead t-shirts ridin skateboards n shytt, u killed Hip-Hop. U prolly that nigga that hopped on the band wagon. never heard a nas song a day n ur life but started throwin up star trak signs n shytt when skateboarding was kool.

-if u see a skateboarder concerned wit bein fresh he aint a real skateboarder, i make the same argument for rappers. these aint pretty nigga sports yo. there's no such thing as lookin the part. posers.

-las night i was talkin to mrs. marilyn. she the tall lady that live n my room. she lissen mad well. i luv her for that. she aint no mail order chick, but i got her on the internet, and she came here from cali at my rekwest...thats luv yo. (im not cheatin on Jenna dumb asses, Marilyn is my mic. Personification nigga)

-i luh yall niggas, even if u hate me i luh yall....who am i foolin, if u hate me go fuck urself. that'll take ur mind off me. go get constructive stare at a wall u fag.

-ayo adam remember this las friday
random bitch: Y U YELLIN AT US!?

....i'm gone to sleep g'nite niggas

GHOSTFACE catch the blast of a hype verse/ my glock burst leave n a hearsr i did worese// (first one heard las one seen) first rapper to rock a mask

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Hair

Setting: Blackout BBQ, today around 4 o'clock. A big group of black people at my skool i never met before, doing black people things (enjoying food, frollicking, playin music, playin spades, talkin n shytt)soundtrak:

Me: (lookin around at wus goin on) Man we some beautiful ass people son
(niggas nod n agreeance). Ay maurice u need a haircut son (group laffter).

Moe: U need one too nigga

Me: thus me wearin this hat, but i got that good shytt. I got african n me. (crackin a joke, but dead ass serious)

Chick: wut afrikans u kno got good hair.....

(silence....she got me started)

Me: brainwash...fuck dat. i got good ass afrikan hair. u see wyte people tryna get cornrows and locks now. thats afrikan shytt. and they can't flex it right, cuz they hair aint built for that son.


Me: People always tryna look like us. It's a reason mufuckas go tanning kid. Mufuckas don't go tannin jus because. It's a reason wyte joints gettin ass injections and lip injections. it's a reason they gettin ribs removed to b curvier. that shytt aint jus because. u think people rock OUR styles jus cuz. If Pharell rocked a koofi, i bet u'll c wyte boys gettin koofies leff n rite. We the most sought after beings on this fuckin planet yo. No matter where we go we hated, but more imitated than anything. people go out on a damn limb tryna b us(niggas noddin summore) real talk son.

ay son, blak people do the Nalij. keep ur eyes open, these images don't fall on blind eyes. Errthing is rite n front ur phaces. Aknalij it.
Peace to Allah, the father.
I really b feelin like this kid
race matters. good ass book. Cornel West is the man