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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heart of Man

(My brother Arssante Posted this on his facebook page and I find it pretty valid)

Man has many weak points...which are in fact diseases. Satan exacerbates these diseases in the heart of man. They are Satans entry way in man's soul. Among these diseases are: weakness, despair, hopelessness, recklessness, inappropiate joy, self-admiration, pride, wrongdoing, negligence, foolishness, miserliness, stinginess, covetousness, argumentativeness, doubt, suspicion, ignorance, carelessness, going to extremes of hostility in cases of dispute, arrogance, false claims, panic, fear, withholding charity, rebelliion, tyranny, overstepping the limits, love of wealth, and being infatuated with this world. MAY GOD SHEILD US FROM DE DISEASE DAT satan USES TO ENTER OUR HEARTS AND SOULS. AMEEN.

"i got this from a book im readin...The World of The Jinn and Devils....dis a serious book dat dicusses satan and his many tricks and attempts 2 lead men and women astray from worshippin God...its a major eye openah fah me...thought id share it wif some folks i love"

May blessings be with you all.