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Monday, February 23, 2009

Gimme a sec, u'll c

Me and Charlei gon have a bed in the back of this joint, and we gon drive thru Europe makin the rawest reality show ever known to man. This joint gon b taped on digital cameras and cell fone cams. Shyt gon b tight, problem is Charlei can't drive so we cant alternate sleep...lame. O well, show still gon b good tho.

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My Thumbs Just Jizzed their Pants

gotta get around to changin these hand pants now

Monday, February 16, 2009

After all the drawings i drew...

This piece hit me kinda hard, becuz it's sumfin that a lot of artists want to say, but don't articulate as str8forward as my man does...peep it

"After all the drawings i drew.. this seems the most meaningful..each drawing comes from the heart and soul .. i seriously think i took this way to far, and im not myself anymore..all this proving to myself and all this bs idk nothings perfect, not even the smile. i might come off emo but fuck it, its my feelings. so...can you draw happiness?"
-My Man Tony Tran from Boston

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

If u Only Knew

St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley

U know....sumtimes i jus say fuck it, light one write a song and all my problems go away...
anyother time i smoke a few and write a blog that never gets posted
becuz u don't need to see that side of AKZionz.
Jus kno, I gets tha job done.
AKZionz ReAKZion 2/16/09

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Spinning Studio from kwest on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am a Mac

Track 03 - Big Chops

In my Mass Media class we've been talking a lot about consumerism and my gears started shifting and i realized sumfin quite obvious, but very subtle...I'm a Mac. Like aside from the fact that I am a Mac User, I fit the "Mac Image". Mac has become more than a personal computer, in the past few years its become a lifestyle.

I am a part of the Mac lifestyle in the demographical sense. I wear frameless eye glasses. I'm an artist and enjoy being in the presense of other artists. I'm politically aware (to an extent) and I'm a left wing voter. I listen to indie music. I wear Gap and Old Navy jeans. When i'm not wearing my timbos i'm wearing comfortable walkin joints like New Bals. I eat organically when it's convenient. I buy vinyl records and visit used book stores and use cafe wireless internet to blog from time to time. I find refuge in meditation, cigarettes, and walking thru parks and love. I enjoy live music and outdoor concerts. And Most of the people i surround myself with are the same

Like when i think of shyt like this i think that these are the traits of Mac users; young hip artsy liberally free minded dreamers of all shapes sizes, ages and races. That being said, U Street and Dupont Circle (pause) back home in DC are easily a Mac Users Heaven because all of the things i listed above could be found in one way or another. I became a Mac about a year before they became popular...before i had one, but now that they are heavily advertised i can c that the commercial was easily talkin to me; the young liberal artist instead of the old conservative balding suit and tie guy that comes home from work and is too tired to enjoy life. It even turns my stomach when i see Pharell in the PC commercials. I'm in denial that he really is a Mac is the industry standard, it's like blasphemy to run Protools on a fuckin Dell....jus sayin tho.
My president is a Mac too : )