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Friday, May 28, 2010


....u kno....i should really be posting a lot more....i'll do it later. AKZion Figures coming this summer


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heart of Man

(My brother Arssante Posted this on his facebook page and I find it pretty valid)

Man has many weak points...which are in fact diseases. Satan exacerbates these diseases in the heart of man. They are Satans entry way in man's soul. Among these diseases are: weakness, despair, hopelessness, recklessness, inappropiate joy, self-admiration, pride, wrongdoing, negligence, foolishness, miserliness, stinginess, covetousness, argumentativeness, doubt, suspicion, ignorance, carelessness, going to extremes of hostility in cases of dispute, arrogance, false claims, panic, fear, withholding charity, rebelliion, tyranny, overstepping the limits, love of wealth, and being infatuated with this world. MAY GOD SHEILD US FROM DE DISEASE DAT satan USES TO ENTER OUR HEARTS AND SOULS. AMEEN.

"i got this from a book im readin...The World of The Jinn and Devils....dis a serious book dat dicusses satan and his many tricks and attempts 2 lead men and women astray from worshippin God...its a major eye openah fah me...thought id share it wif some folks i love"

May blessings be with you all.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Seen in Passing 2/8/2010


Friday, February 5, 2010

Seen in Passing 2/5/2010

Oriental Money Foldin


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seen in Passing 2/3/2010

That look must've been priceless


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Midterms Week

Don't expect too many posts

Monday, February 1, 2010

Seen in Passing 2/1/2010

Reality in rare form...real lol. Happy 1st of the month!
Seen Here

Friday, January 29, 2010


Uptown chillin in my homegirl crib when Hipnosis turned some beats on...


Kelis doin her Avatar Impression I guess....

I jus saw this on Queenie V. My response?.....naw


I Come Bearing Gifts: Wu Tang/Beatles Mixtape

Haven't even unzipped this yet, but i'm more than sure this should be some form of fire.
via: Kanye's Blog


Seen in Passing 1/29/10

Every Move is Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't smh

Sean Price- Figure 4 (video)

niggas wonder y i fuck wit P so hard.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shut Up Rich Ignorant White Man


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seen In Passing 1/27/2010

I forgot i took this picture. it was on my sd card since the summer lmao. Anywho, this has a short story involved. So I was watching the HBO special documentary on Marrion Barry, and there's a part where Berry goes into this church in the 80's. In the church is one of my favorite science teachers from highschool. She still has the same glasses lmao.

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Sade x Lupe Fiasco - Westside Soldier of Love (DJ BRUCE Remix)

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Freeway & Jake One's Stimulus Package Cover & Art

As a Freeway and a Jake One fan I look forward to the release of this project. This is easily the dopest most creative album art that I've ever seen in my life.


Sunday, January 24, 2010



These Cops Must Love Getting Featured on My Blog


Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Fucked Up Cops

During everything that's going on in Haiti a police officer shot three boys in the back for supposedly looting rice. One of the boys lies with his life hanging in the balance and another boy that cant move but can talk gives his decription of what has just happened. He says that the bags of rice they were looting" were gifts. A higher ranked officer arrives, says that this shooting has been a horrible thing and says he's calling a ambulance then disappears. The ambulance never arrived. One man was a bystander waiting for a bus; ironically he was a solid Christian and applying to be a police officer. (if this description shook u up, you dont want to watch the video posted below)

In all honesty, iFeel like CNN's taping of the dead bodies in the Haiti earthquake crisis is disrespectful, especially when you won't show the bodies of dead american soldiers "to be marked respected". (what makes a particular corpse more respectable than another?) However, i really have a huge aversion for bullshit authority figures that over use their powers. Sadly, shit like this happens quite often and despite how much ppl say they're gonna change things (cops), nothing gets changed. Even if those boys were looting, who are you to shoot them. This is simple survival.

Here's a bonus video of the NYPD being fucked up....again


Friday, January 22, 2010

UK Gardener takes pictures of the Milky Way

Jus saw a good read about a Gardener who took pictures of the Milky Way with his unassuming telescope that he further invested £20,000 in to. The pictues have been compared to those of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Pretty cool if you ask me. Here's a pic taken from the telescope.


Seen in Passing 1/22/10

Life's a Movie Yo


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reaction to the Duke Ellington Situation

As an alum of Duke Ellington School of the Arts' class of 2007, the news that my alma mater may be moved does nothing but rub me in a bad way.

Starting as a Sophomore in fall 2004, I walked the halls in a Jerry West jersey and Timberlands admiring the women, creativity and the aura of a place, that in my three year stay, became home. Lunchtime rap ciphers with my boys, arts block and an endless supply of inspiration walking through the halls got me through my day to day. The back breaking hours spent in a room with the same people everyday in an aim to put on a show was a bittersweet process that we grew to love and bask in after it was all said in done. We grew up to love the people we didn't like in many cases. We aimlessly became a family, held together with words, hues, and actions unrivaled by any other school i could think of. We did a lot of finding ourselves there. We fell in love with 3500 R st NW.

Jus the other day somebody hit me up n told me that they were trying to move Ellington out of DC's affluent Ward 2 area. They're saying that they need a neighborhood school for Ward 2 families (and Ellington is on that piece of land that they want!?).... I'm not feeling that. I think that's bullshit.... When Ellington, was opened in 1974 I'd assume that there were 2nd ward families there as well....question is, why is this a big deal to them almost 40 years later? I'm just not the one for having something i worked towards (for/in), for any significant amount of time, be taken from me in a matter of seconds; that's robbery. If this isn't robbery then I don't know what is. Maybe it's because of the black and brown faces that decorate the halls and classrooms that they want to take this from us.

I feel like that school was a blessing to me. Too much trouble, i was too familiar with, lurked inside my neighborhood school, I didn't wanna go to my neighborhood school and get involved in a lot of shit that my niggas was startin to get in to. Essentially it was the placing where my school was that brought a certain kind of energy out of me as well as many otherts. No trouble, it was serene in Georgetown. A lot of us needed that. It was a beautiful daily escape from what was waiting in the neighborhoods we hailed from.

Moving Ellington is like moving history. For fuckin Christ's sakes, this isn't like moving a library or a baseball stadium. This is moving something that has been cemented into the lives and hearts of many people. This is moving a home with a weak excuse to go along with it and I'm not feeling that at all.

I came in a boy that enjoyed writing and left a young man wielding knowledge that would forever be ingrained in the way I live my life. Graduation day came too quick and I didn't realize how much i missed it there until a whole term in to freshman year of college. In receiving news that they are trying to move my home, I look forward to hearing news that Ellington has earned it's stay. I'm not takin this sitting down.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Seen in Passing 1/15/10

Happy Friday Dude

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Drexel Homecoming Unofficial Mix

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AKZionz on the Disaster in Haiti

In light of the recent disaster's in Haiti, I woke up this morning and put a prayer into the sky and continued to enlighten myself on the situation. Concidering the poverty that the common people of the nation suffer from, this comes to me as an event that knocks 2005's Hurricane Katrina on it's back side.

Looking at this, I realize more and more why I give thanks every morning and continually count my blessings. This is very devastating and I'm curious as to what the official statistics are, but I'm not looking forward to seeing such horrifying figures. My heart and prayer continues to go out to those who have suffered from this horrendous event. Once again, I stress that we all count our blessings and rejoice in what we have as opposed to sulking in what we don't.

*iHave a family
*iHave a home
*iHave food
*iHave clothes

These are just the simple things that we should forever be grateful for in a world where everyone else doesn't have the basic things that we concider to be vital pieces in our lives. Stay strong, stay blessed, and tell ur loved ones that you love them. To all my family (no friends, if i bang witchu u family) i luv yall and I see you all as blessings in my life. Thank you all. Despite the bullshit that i bring to the table of our relationships from time to time, you are all appreciated.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Malice Got a New Vlog

I'm a huge fan of the Clipse. If not rap then for the fact of how real they is.

Wake Up Calls from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Sex is in everything......EVERYTHING!!

I bet somewhere in America some geek was jizzing his pants as he seen these pictures. Maybe I'm just not a fan enough of George Lucas' work to appreciate this, but never in my life would i wanna be in my bed and have my girl come out the bathroom with a Jabba the Hut silhouette. However, people are into some pretty damn weird things when it comes to what goes on in there bedrooms. Coming soon X-Wing tit clampers, C3P0 dungeon droids and dick sabers.

Photos taken at the Devil's Playground Star Wars Burlesque Show


Latex Law

Shout out to my homegirl Allison for puttin me on to this really good read, that I encourage you all to take a look at. In response to the article I simply have to say, wtf DC. If it's not a little boy getting shot by cops for riding a "stolen bike", cops pulling guns on unarmed snowball fighters, or cops committing hit and runs on "armed suspects" its a-mothafuckin-nother.

Now if you're (women only as iPerceive) caught with more than two condoms in your purse you can be arrested under suspicion of prostitution. Nevermind the fact that the HIV ratio in the nations capital is 1 and 20, it seems like the solution to the issue is arresting women with one too many Trojans in her possession smh. Let's put a few scenarios to work where ladies'll more than likely have more than two condoms on them.

Scenario One: Leaving a Drugstore
Say my girlfriend, lady friend, sister or whatever are leaving a CVS or Rite Aid. Tonights the night and amongst everything they buy they decide to grab a box of rubbers. A few blocks later in her trek to wherever she has to be she's stopped by cops and the condoms are found. Despite a bit of accute embarassment that could possibly come with such a situation, should the law be allowed to further that embarassment by cuffing her and putting her in the back of the squad car on "suspicion"?

Scenario Two: Leaving an HIV Clinic
A young lady enters a center for HIV and STD testing. Upon finding out that she tested negative to all sexual ailments, she's allowed a breath of relief and grabs a handful of free condoms on her way out (as most of us do). Should that joy of knowing that she's taking the proper steps to protect herself be cut short, because she grabbed too many kid catchers?

Scenario Three: Walking Late With a Male Friend
Suppose me and one of my bestfriends who happens to be a girl are walking together. The sun has set hours ago and we are enjoying each others company tied up in conversation and laughter. Police cruise aside of us and exit the vehicle to search us on "suspicion" and find condoms in her purse (i've never had sex with my bestfriend). Should our moment be cut short because she is perceived as a prostitute for being too safe with her future sexual endeavors?

To answer all of these questions, FUCK NO!! I think the police should sit in front of Oxford's and examine the word suspicion a little closer, because in this case they're treating condoms like bloody knives and cocaine. This is ludicrous in every sense of the word, and sadly some young lady with a bright future and too many condoms is probably getting booked as i publish this post.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Twiggas is Gettin Killed off of Twitter?! smh

WTF young....i just read this article in which a twitter argument allegedly lead to a Harlem man's murder and is being used as evidence in the case. This is what my man Huey Freeman would classify as a Public Technological Nigga Moment. I guess this is the kind of idiocracy that we've let ourselves fall victim to with the convenience of 140 character threats and an ethernet chord. Please people, let this serve as an example that the internet isn't private and if you're going to be making death threats, please shy away from doing so on social networking mediums. It's with a sad soul that I say, we as a people need to do better in an effort to escape the black cloud that years of oppression and dumb shit like twitter murders has cast over us.
"They shoulda never gave you niggas internet!"


Quick Laugh

This just goes to show how our actions should be well thought might bust your ass on a Burger King Floor hahaha

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jay Z in the Illuminati

Is Jay Z part of the illuminati? The blogosphere, twitter and niggas all around the world seem to be asking this and making their own assumptions as to whether Jay is part of an evil secret society. What do I think? I don't know and can honestly care less. It just seems to me that controversy sells and as long as niggas got haters, shit like this bein spread is damn near inevitable. I've been a fan of Jay's music since I was 11, not as big a fan now as I was then, but me being a fan has nothing to do with this post. I just want to pose some questions.

If Jay is part of the illuminati what are you gonna do about it?

The most you could do is stop buyin the niggas music and pray for him if thas what you believe in. If he is wit the illuminati he's not gonna admit it....and if he's not in the illuminati he's gonna deny it so....where is all of your proof. Try to look past hand signs and all the other frivolous propaganda that youtube has become a haven for.

If Jay Z is in the illuminati, why does it matter to us?

Jay said it the best on "Heart of the City" where he exclames "What you eat don't make me shit". Taking that into account, why are we worrying about Jay Z's upset stomach? Maybe because as people that grew up in a society where celebrities have more power than jesus/jah/allah and buddha, we put that much value on the personal business of A-Listers and beings that have nothing to do with our personal welfare and/or lives. People are acting like Jay Z has come to speak at their churches and eat at their dinner tables. He doesn't know you. You know of him. You hear the songs, you see him on the shows and for some reason you take that as a form of having some kind of affiliation with the man that makes you comfortable enough to make assumptions and/or repeat shit that the next nigga said.

How many of you anti-illuminati niggas been to an illuminati meeting to see Jay Z in attendance

Well, nuff said. So shut the fuck up and get some actual proof before you try to throw dirt on niggas' names. You're probably the same niggas that aint throw your satanist Jay Z albums and posters away yet.