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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wise Words from Baba Ward

"I was listening to public radio earlier and heard the following, "the word unemployment did not become a part of our language until the 1880's..." hmmm, prior to that the word might have been enslaved and now it's incarcerated."

-Kenneth Ward via his facebook Status

I whole heartedly agree with you Baba Ward.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh Hell Naw of the Week

This doesn't even deserve my commentary......commence baking the bum joint!


Go Die at Home

So this terrorist that blew up a plane in Ireland with over a hundred people aboard (Among those on the plane were a slew of American passengers; not that them being American matters, a death is a death) get's released from prison because he's dying of cancer.....So they sent him to home (where he'd b accepted as a hero, as portrayed by the media) to die.....

They couldn't do that for Tookie Williams...and he allegedly killed 3 people in a convenience store in LA store. This isnt to say that if Tookie did commit the murders, he wasnt wrong. Murder is Murder, however how can anyone commit such a big crime against humanity, such as bombing a plane and walk away in the end?... Politics as Usual. Let it Marinate

R.I.P. Stanley "Tookie" Williams
R.I.P. The 3 People in the Store and Those on the Plane
And to the Terrorist....may ur god have mercy on ur sick soul


WOW: Alleged rapist files charges against victim in Sweden on HIV infection grounds

Helsingborgs Dagblad, a Swedish newspaper, reported Monday that a man who has been arrested for sexual assault, has now pressed charges against the woman, whom he allegedly attacked, for not disclosing that she had HIV.

The incident happened in Helsingborg where the woman and the man took a taxi together. The man supposedly lured the woman up to his apartment stating that he was going to give her money for the taxi fare, and it is there that the incident is alleged to have happened.

The woman claims that he then forced her to have intercourse and participate in other sexual activities. She has explained that she begged him to use a condom, but to no avail. It was only when she told him that she had children waiting at home, that he let her go.

The man, on the other hand, told the police that he had paid her 3,512 Swedish krona (US$483) as he believed her to be a prostitute and that he was both sexually excited and drunk. He told the police that the reason she pressed charges against him was that she wanted to save herself. It is not confirmed whether the man has been infected. Sexual assault in Sweden is punishable by a minimum of two years in prison.



Get Money

I recently started working out again last friday and it feels really good to know that I'm taking some sort of proper steps to gettin my health in order. I been runnin, started boxing again and i been doin a lot...A LOT of calisthenics. My shoulders are gettin rocky again and my chest is starting to lift up already. Guess it's just my body rebuilding onto my natural frame. My arms have been bulging since last week. I feel like i could Hulk out lmao.


Monday, August 24, 2009

What Can I Say It Turns Me On (c) Prince

So this blog i frequent (Strictly Fitteds) has a segment on their blog called Femme Fatales. In this section they contain two things that i Love. Flii Fitteds and Flii Girls wearin them. I don't know y this one caught my eye in particular tho. Maybe it's the chest Tattoo. Kinda synched with shorty cuz i got one about a month ago. But yeah U should c where I'm comin from. I'm bout to jus start buying my girl fitteds erry time i go hat shoppin. That should spice things up lmao.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hassani Kwess- Cross Into The Block

Updates as Far as my Art's Concerned

As u may kno this summer i've started projects, put thought into potential projects, negotiaated about projects that've been in the making for 3 years and slated projects to be put to the side. So Lemme give yall the down low on how this might (keyword) go down.

The AKZion Figures EP

***This was susposed to b the follow up to my pretty well received AKZionz ReAKZion mixtape (roughly 1,000 downloads to date; DL from the top of my blog). I posted videos on Vimeo and Youtube in search of beats. Some of which worked, most of which didn't at all concidering the sound i was trying to go for. In the wake of me coming back to DC from Philly this summer, me and my brother Hipnosis came up with the grand idea to follow up last springs mixtape Brothas in Arms. This was to be our reassurgence into raw mixtape rap. Jackin beats and ownin em. Puttin raw lyricism into perspective. This was susposed to be the third Mixtrape in Hipno's triloigy of mixtrapes this summer, with the title "I'm Hip: Brothas in Arms 2". However this project took a backseat to another "T.H.C." (The Hipnosis Chronicles) based Mixtape wit the brother Sol Zahran. I just wrote my first verse for this project yesterday and this should be pretty interesting to people that've heard my music. I'm gon b doin some experimenting wit this EP. Bare with me, lissen wit ur heart not wit ur ears.

BNA 2 Comin Soon/AKZion Figure EP Comin Sooner

Tha Vagabond Staxx Mixtape w/ G5 Clive

***Me and Clive got one song in the can for this project. As far a release goes, this joint could possibly hold off for a while conciderin his "Reign Check" project he been puttin a lot of time into. I got the chance to hear a few traks from it and GYYAAAAAAAAAAD DAMMMMNNNN!!!!! Clive mos def might have a spot on my tape, but since its an EP i'm gon try to shy away from features unless i REALLY bang wit the artist or i need a hook.

Ay Clive we need More Flicktures Together Moe

The Bronze Brotherhood: Wolverine vs. Collossus (Uptown X-Men)

*** Me and my brother Nate Grey, formerly known as K-Rob The Black Jesus, been had this joint in mind. This project been in the works for the past 2-3 years and we aint got a damn track yet lol, but a whole lot of thoughts. I like workin wit Nate (We don't do much together, got like 3-5 joints), but he's a visual artist and a visualizer. He's colorful and brings an energy out of every artist that I've seen him work with. We been planning this more this summer than ever,but still not much. I think i might buy him a Amtrak joint to Philly for a week sumtime this fall/winter and we gon bang it out in my dorm room and live off the land like John Rambo. This should be thee most interesting project that i would've laid hands on up to date. Keep a look out.

Me, Nate n Kiara afta the M1 Show @ Expo 8/2009

Me n Nate in Winter 2006

I'm gon keep yall posted as I always do and like the man I've always been, I won't disappoint y'all

1 Love


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Artwork on the Temple

So i'm talkin to my girl Jocelyn on skype. My shirts off and she asks wus my tattoo say across my chest. i tell her what it says in italian then i say it n english. Jocelyn is lowkey bubbly n fly, she like the '09 Holly Golighty.

She goes " wow that's so sweet, did they appreciate it or did they (goes into her suburban ass parents voice) well u coulda jus told us!!".

And i said" yeah, errbody liked it. except my grandmother. like i kno that she appreciates the gesture, but hates that its a tattoo. she be on that bible shyt wit it. Dont destroy ur temple. I'm like i'm an artist. im not gon get kno bullshyt done on me. im gettin art work im designin my temple. My Temple is gettin decked out. Let me do me. Destruction is all in one's perception in this sense."

Once a shorty said "when u get old its gon get all old and saggy." and i said "i can give a fuck, it had its time jus like i did. atleast its still significant. i aint gon have no saggy bull shyt on me. I'll wear my saggy significance anytime.

fuck wit my ink


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Srry Guys :-(

To all my subscribers srry i aint been bloggin as much. Innanet n my
house gay as fuck, gotta steal a connection from my neighbors. Im gon b
wrkn soon so im gon b able to blog more. I might hit a library or sumfin
to feed yall on here. And i need to do more personal blogs like i used
to. My blog lowkey gettin jii comercial. That aint the kinda blogger i
am. Jus aint been to struck by a thought lately without twittering it
first. But yeah, im not gon let u guys down young