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Thursday, April 30, 2009

iNeed Beats

i want a beat like this

Bout That - Beanie Sigel

AKZionz on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2

U kno that shyt neva comin out lol. Nigga gon say his dog ate his protools lmao.

I been waitin since 2004 for that shyt. Still got love for Rae, but him waitin so long makin me not want it no more. That shyt better b flawless if ur fans waited damn near 15 years for the follow up...all ur other albums have been subpar and i hear the GZA took Ghost's place on this joint... However in ur defense ur mixtapes n appearances on the Game's n Wyclef's joints have been on point.

Please Rae....for the love of rap....don't fuck this up....


Raekwon - Only Built For Cuban Linx


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wisdom Cipher is the Fizikal Degree

I woke up early on my born day, I'm twenty years of blessing
The essence of adolescent leaves my body now I'm fresh in
My physical frame is celebrated cause I made it
One quarter through life some God-ly like thing created
Got rhymes 365 days annual plus some
Load up the mic and bust one, cuss while I puffs from
my skull cause it's pain in my brain vein money maintain
Don't go against the grain simple and plain
When I was young at this I used to do my thing hard
Robbin foreigners take they wallets they jewels and rip they green cards
Dipped to the projects flashin my quick cash
and got my first piece of ass smokin blunts with hash
Now it's all about cash in abundance, niggaz I used to run with
is rich or doin years in the hundreds
I switched my motto -- instead of sayin fuck tomorrow
That buck that bought a bottle could've struck the lotto
Once I stood on the block, loose cracks produce stacks
I cooked up and cut small pieces to get my loot back
Time is Illmatic keep static like wool fabric
Pack a four-matic that crack your whole cabbage


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Still Pimpin!

I forgot how much i missed this song, thank god for the shuffle option on iTunes. David ur a g(nius)

Still Pimpin - David Banner

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hip Homophobia (corny but bear wit me)

There's no problem that homosexuality is a part of society in America, whether it's normal or not is another argument that I'm not goin into, but fact of the matter is that it's become more mainstream as people are now growing more comfortable with their own sexuality. Not to say that homosexuality is totally accepted, but it's more accepted then it's ever been despite governments rejecting gay people marriage rights. Sadly in minority communities homophobia continues to peak.

As a blak american i can easily say that for the most part gay people gets no love in the community. Most of which i can easily say is based out of religion, but condemning homosexuality via biblical scripture and religious belief is for example if i'm a adulterer/liar/sinner period i dont have any place condemning somebody elses "imperfection" because i don't fall into their lane.

As a rapper i can easily say that a lot of homophobia is spread by way of something i love, Hip Hop Music. No bullshyt. THere's no denying that Hip Hop artists are constantly put under the gun for homophobic actions, lyrics, and/or remarks....but Lil Wayne kissin a nigga n the mouth gets swept under the rug.

Like all bullshyt aside, the most gangster of these rap niggas got some of the gayest shyt imaginable in they songs and videos. Biggie (hands down one of the gr8est MCs of all times) said a lot of shyt that rose an eyebrow or 2 that niggas swept under the rug...Nigga was talkin about fuckin Ru Paul b4 he smashed X-Scape, and girls lookin so good he'l suck they father's dicks....I'll pass fam. U got niggas n jail yards, super oiled up crowded together rappin wit they shirts offm and even more fagotty than that, u got that rapper that prides hisself on goin to jail, like bein kept from women to shower with men for X years is cool. I luv Hip Hop, but i wouldn't b true to this shyt if i didn't admit that a lot of this shyt has homoerotic undertones.

But yeah, back to the point, niggas is super homophobic in minority communities and then women get mad when niggas is closet after goin in on these niggas (no pun intended)they whole lives...lemme put it like this Homophobia=niggas bein closet=fucked up family situations/chances of STDs gettin spread at a higher rate. BTW, the closet nigga is in the wrong too. That shyt's nasty and irresponsible, but this shyt is a vicious cycle conciderin the heteronorms of the country and the homophobia that surrounds gay people. That bein said, open ur mind and erase the bullshyt that u've acquired along the way to where u were. Gay people are people too. I'm not gay and I'm not an activist for gay rights, this is just sumfin i been meanin to say but aint got around too yet. This post doesn't mean i will stop becoming an informant to the Pause Police on twitter, nor does it mean i will stop sayin no homo, but it's jus me puttin it out there that the whole gay h8n or any h8n for that matter is wrong.


Pouring Champagne on Ur Boys Instead of Video Bitches...PAUSE!!!

Bein Shirtless with ur Arm Around a Nigga U Openly Kiss in the Mouth...PAUSE!!!
Getting Caught in the Act of Being Gay by ur Biggest Fan....EJECT!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

In the Event U aint Done So Yet

Download My Mixtape!!!
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Doe Prehab

Grandma sends me +$300
T-Mobile Bill- $80.11
New Phillies Throback Fitted- $34.99
Everybody Hates Tony Mixtape- $5
Lunch- $11.28
subtotal $131.38

Guava Lefotver $168.72

The rest of this is bills and groceries. I aint got my damn internship yet, that bein said this little exploit was just some retail therapy lmao. I almost bought this new pair of Reeboks and some Denims too, maybe another day after i actually have money to spend.


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My sister Khadija lookin like "hol on baby while mama look for her keys" lol
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iNeed More of These n Different Varieties

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's Talk Cash

at the end of the day, i still aint got my internship yet, the joint i interviewed for the otherday aint go the way i wanted it too, o well. I prolly woulda turned it down cuz Philly Public Transpo is gay and confusing. Shyt sho nuff is frustratin tho. In the mean time I jus wanna burn one down, but i cant cuz i dont kno if these jobs are gonna b cool or not about it. Aside from takin walks to maintain sanity, I'm stuck wit my hand on the X Box and my eyes on a laptop screen all day tryna find a job. Do any of yall kno rich white people? I lost the business card of someone important, this guy that runs a banking joint outta DC and NYC and Germany. He gave me a scholarship too, this shyt is gay. I need money, i got bills, i got rent, and have no cakeage, I jus wanna live well yo, im about to start gettin on this rap shyt hard. I dont kno wut im don, anybody wanna help me book some shows? Check my mixtape out while ur at it, errbody i kno like it, no bad review yet. I swear, im like 20 minutes away from pullin a mean ass caper on somebody slippin comin outta fresh grocer lmao. Say my name is Chris Brown, wyte people think we all look alike anyway, aside from me bein sinificantly shorter and wider than Chris. I'm gon talk to my kween. she always kno wus right. She need to come to Philly. I really need the TLC..,in the meantime I'm takin my frustrated ass elsewhere. Peaceage

Vagabond Signin Out

Monday, April 13, 2009

West Coast Gangster Rap ReEmerging

After the early 90s the west coast lost there touch wit the rap game. After the emergence of the Game it took a rise once again, but still west coast emcees were takin more pride in flaggin then actual prowess on the mic device. However with the emergence of west coast gangster rappers like Crooked I, Bishop Lamont and most recently Nipsey Hussle have been making a conscious effort to bring the music back to the gangsta culture of the west coast. Peep Nipsey's l8st mixtape, Bullets Ain't Got No Names Volume 2.

Charlene...not tha Anthony Hamilton Joint

Charlei is Phresh. Peep her Blog yo.
I'm tryna get her on twitter, but she bein dumb ass reluctant lol. But yeah peep her joint Moe.
Songstress and Photographer, mos def a talent in an age of copy and paste creativity.
She that shorty that u been lookin for thas dumb cool, flyy and has a crude sense of humor.
She mos def tha joint u crack jokes wit, drink a glass of Nuvo and laff at Family Guy with.
We was laffin at 1 guy one cup (click at ur own discretion lmao) a second ago lmao.
She said this aint shyt he jus on his period. I almost choked on my salad lmao.
But Yeah Holla at Charlei, she my nigga.
If u bang wit me, u gon bang wit her.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First Real Valentine


How u changed me dont make sense like exact change
Its like the square fittin n the circle wit my stubborn ass
Its like beauty n the beast wit insecurities
Wit a ace n the hole n a trick n the sleeve
And from the bottom of my heart valentines day is bullshyt
But ur more than a hallmark n chocolate to me
U r the key to my heart shaped locket or some corny artsy shyt like that
And i say some of the most sweetest honeycomb flavored things ever n my mind reciting the most violent rap songs imaginable
and i lay next to u wit my mind runnin from one thing to the next in my mental notes of myriad subtleties
Like tha las kiss and touch and the las time we fucked
And the las time i slipped the condom off and watched ur body curl up....messin my damn sheets up...
Yet i still love u and wonder the makings of u
passin a blunt back n forth wit curtis mayfield on my backyard tryna make the best song for u
Crackin the mac open n seein ur face b4 i kick my day off
And im an asshole
Im aware of that, n u kno wut assholes do...shyt
And u kno wut shyt does...fertilize
So lemme build our garden and pick the pansies out n the spring time and hand em to u on March 2three
When the earth rests on the same place our circle began...wit my square ass

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

iBangs Wit This

This for all my late 80's babies

Summer 89 by the man Hassani Kwess

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Potential to B Me (wussup Charlei)

The other Day me and my man Everic was talkin about how the world would be if jus for one hour everyday black people live up to their potential. Of that conversation we spoke of new inventions, cures for ailments, and the advancement of colored people universally.

Fact of the matter is (and i say this as a proud blak boy), we gotta stop blamin other niggas for all of our issues. They're is no doubt that colored people in the world have always had societal issues amongst white people, and they're is no doubt in my mind that the effects of slavery amongst these niggas in the U.S. are still very much in play. I'm from a place in DC where mothers play both rolls...a lot of which have no parenting skills...they're still kids and they continue to fuck wit the BAN (bitch ass niggas), but i see nuffin wrong with dreamin that one day niggas'll peep a source of inspiration (Obama aint enuff) and take shyt into they own hands and stop waitin for other mufuckas to bring them a platter.

Black People i luv y'all. Let's advance.