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Sunday, December 28, 2008


I stayed over my girl crib over the night and all was well. I aint have no intention on stayin over, but it was cool tho.
Me her brother n mama smoked beadies (cool right? I KNO!!!), we watched "embarassing" home videos, i baked my girl's ass up n down (as always, face was tight as hell lmao) and then i fell asleep on the leather couch (sweatin like hell on that leather couch). Let's back track a lil bit tho. We was in her room and i continued bakin her and amongst one of the things i said was sumfin my brother says quite frequently. I say "You're a trophy wife! lol"

I said it quite loosely cuz my kween sleeps like 23 hours of the day and she never has a preference or any suggestions. The morning comes and her mother's like, "Make Mike some breakfast..."(phreshest shyt i ever heard) and i'm like, "bet, make me some breakfast"....Kweens facial expression, "nigga please"...

So i decided to put the hand out and say come on yo I'll help. She's reluctant....but gives in. We gotta wash dishes. So I'm thinkin fine, I'll run the water, then she does sumfin that completely blows my mind...she opens a dishwasher...U gotta b fuckin kiddin me...anyway she proceeds to load it up, i'm amazed that she manages to avoid the grit and grime and pruney fingers of actually washing ur dishes, but i guess that was jus the warm up lol.

I pull the turkey bacon out and put it on the stove n she goes, "ur gonna put that on wit no butter" (MY JAW DROPS), "baby it makes it's own grease...were u serious?" her response, (under breath) ".....yeah".

" just get the eggs out and start on those." This shyt here is where the story becomes classik. She's beatin the eggs in the bowl and I just finished the bacon and there's no other pan for her to do the while i'm cleanin it for her to use, i look over and she's choppin the butter (horizontally across the top lol) and puts it in a pot...."FOR EGGS THO BABY!?" Her mother and me are getting on her I'm shakin my head like wtf Moe. "Jenna get outta my kitchen" (I'm at her house mind u) and she walks off into the living room all pouty and plops down on the couch. I finish makin breakfast alone. It was great. My girl wasn't no least she look good tho. Luv u Jenna

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best and Worst of 2008

-Free Mixtapes (once again)
-Rain at the Georgia Ave Carribean Day Parade
-Saigon Leaving Atlantic
-GTA 4
-Last FM
-Phillies World Series Win
-OBAMA WINS!!! (Broad Street was crazy)
-Play Clothes
-Everybody in HipHop punchin Yung Berg
-Royce Da 5'9" and Joe Budden Joinin forces
-the G Phone
-Rick Ross' Interview with Kevin Tate (youtube it lol)
-My New Haircut (youtube it)

-Plies' 3rd album
-Gucci Mane takin over DC
-OJ finally being proven guilty
-Paris Hilton finding a best friend on MTV
-Any Love show on VH1
-Tight Jeans and More Man Purses
-Louis Rags on thugs
-Hate Crimes on Obama Supporters (black and white alike)
-Philly rappers goin back n forth on Camera (like yall dont kno where the other dude live at)
-Common Working With Pharrell
-the Death of Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac a week within eachother
-Lil Wayne's Lip Ring
-Souljah boy gettin roasted after going back at Charles Hamilton (killed it on the autotunes Chuck, job well done)
-XXL Freshman 10

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cappa is Back

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 All Black Girls...Preserve that Power-U


A few weeks back i had my facebook status set as black girls preserve ur wooms or sumfin along those lines. Well i guess i'm just writing this to expound upon that statement. Like 4 girls i went to high school with got preg while they were in school. I try not to be judgemental of people, because i have a heavy belief that all people have some kinda good nature in them; and no matter what their situation may be it's not in my place to begin judging them unless i'm personally effected.

I get a fone call the week before thanksgiving from an old friend i been keepin in touch with via myspace. And i ask her about a picture of a sonogram on her page, and she says 'it's my son, im five monfs'. She's 20 now, she's outta skool, but her like many of the black girls i kno ended up gettin pregnant by a Bitch Ass Nigga (BAN). I wrote in an earlier facebok note that a bitch ass nigga's job is to fuck it up for real niggas. So in this case the BAN is that nigga that can bust nuts and dash quicker the Usain Bolt. How bitchmade is that!?

Young Black Women, stop givin it to these boys so easy. Karrine "Superhead" Steffans (ironically says) "Don't let out so fast. If u say no to a lame ass dude he'll switch his approach so damn quick... he'll approach u as a man later and address u more appropriately". Dave Chappelle (ELLINGTON IN THE BUILDING!!!!) more eloquently states "if pussy was a stock, the market would be plummeting, because ur givin it out wayyy to easy".

As men we're warriors, that bein said don't give these mufuckas victory, let em deserve the win. As warriors, men naturally love a challenge in a sense. So don't make the challenge five minutes of game spitting, a fresh hairstyle n kicks, the flashing of some car keys, and some Gucci Frames. That ain't where it's at. If he can't go no farther than that, you should know he was just tryna lay you. If that 4 days of tryna fuck turns into a week of tryna be subtle, it'll turn into week two where u never hear from this nigga again, unless u tryna give nook-nook.

A lot of these lame ass niggas can be spotted right from the's all in a young niggas myspace layout...if that nigga got a Lil Wayne background, that should be a no right out the gate lmao. But nah on some real, just peep the shyt a nigga says, if he droppin the L bomb a week in or feedin u a fairytale right out the jump, he probably been doin that for the las couple jawns he been hittin up n Boltin on. N i kno a lot of yall girls got girlfriends thas familiar to this situation...SO Y THE FUCK DO U LET URSELF GET IN THE SAME SITUATION!?!?!?!? Y'ALL AIN'T TIRED OF THIS SHYT YET!?!?!?

But yeah to sum it all up, don't let out to a nigga u think won't make a suitable partner; father; male friend. Not to say don't have sex out of a relationship (that's very much fine), becuz people are gonna be people. There's nuffin wrong wit gettin it in, but don't put out to anything ass niggas....iight im bout to cook sumfin...AKZionz ReAKZion Comin Early '09.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


watch this n tell me u dont like Ross

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home Studios....

So a few nights ago while cleaning, high off of cleaning supplies (thas what happens when u clean wit windows closed...stupid me) i started reflectin on an old conversation i had wit my man Ceph-One. A while back my man was like "yo Ak, for all the good the home studio has done, it's done just as much bad..." This statement came completely outta left field following an awkward gap in a conversation we was having about the affect of marijuana and how it helps make beter cartoons (!?...some shyt like dat).

I stopped and thought in great amazement like, "fuck that come from?"

He was like, "It's good that we got it, but look what it did for Soulja Boy..."

So now I'm thinkin about it a bit more, and it's like damn.... I get to make my own shytt without payin a hourly price for studio time, but at the same time a lot of wack ass kids got the same luxury of the home studio. I'm glad and very grateful to have the minimal shyt i need to record and it's affordability, it's my job and i love it. However, this makes such things available to everybody, even them gump ass rappers makin 1...2....5 (no nothin niggas) music and (months l8r with no effort) selling mils; not to say that I do this for pay, but it would be nice to start a career outta this at some point in my life...preferably now (college is pissin me off)

Now don't take this the wrong way, and i say this in the least elitist way possible, but at times i feel like the home studio is fuckin up HARD. I'm like, "I plan on making a career of this. Mr. Maker of Affordable Home Recording, why are u making my dreams so affordable to everybody else? Why do they do subpar shytt and get deals for they shytt, meanwhile I'm sweating in an unairconditioned room tryin not to let my mic pick up the sounds of the fan, and going at heights to hang up quilts to kill ambience.

Why do bullshyt studio gangsters make music in they million dollar closets n the hills get on...them niggas gon inherit money, fuck they need the Def Jam advance for...

not to sound salty, cuz i aint done payin dues yet, but i think more then half the niggas in XXL Show and Prove section are lames that turned to rap cuz they couldn't sell crack no more or got tired of saying ignorant shytt and not gettin payed for it....idk

I'm about to step out and try to find somebody wit the new Beyonce. I bet she more gangster than half ur favorite rappers out here, only difference she was born wit a twat, when half these niggas is jus twats.

Iight I'm gone...i'll be back

Big Ak the Vagabond signin out...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Easily Said and Done

So i'm watchin Maury Show...

These parents are so bitch made...

How do u get ur shytt rushed on the daily by 14 year olds...

Told y'all that timeout shytt don't work...

Crack a strap across that ass...

Grandmother whipped my ass, look how i turned out....

Nigga's n college, makin music, and readin books about self knowledge. I can't think of that many timeout kids that turned out that well...or maybe im subjective cuz i'm all for justifiably beatin the fuck outta ur kids.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

AKZionz ReAKZion, comin early '09 (warm-up track 1)

AKZionz ReAKZion comin soon

in the meantime enjoy this joint

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We Ain't the Souf!!!

D.C. is not the south, to all you D.C. niggas that try to sound like Wayne, Gucci n all them other southern niggas, we are not the south. D.C. niggas don't even talk like that, then u rap and all of sudden the D.C. n u leave, n all ATL comes out. Step ur bars up u faggot ass niggas...

Much respect to D.C. niggas doin they thing. Wale, Tabi, and Markie (don't like they music too much, but respect they grind). I gotta stop loafin n get me some Nike Boots too. D.C. Stand Up!!!a

Monday, November 10, 2008

AKZionz ReAKZion, comin early '09

In the midst of everyone releasing music on the iNet for free this past spring-summer, me and Hipno did as well wit the well received Brothas in Arms Mixtape. Now it's about time i drop a free solo mixtape via the iNet in the middle of drop season again following my M1 Platoon Brothers' We Not Them, Nate Grey's Up Town Apollo Tape, and G5 Clive's (i might make an appearance) Social Class.

Be on the look out for the AKZionz ReAKZion Tape comin to a Mac Book, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Dell etc near u. Expected to drop between January and February '09, with possible features from Banquo, C4 Black of the M1P, G5 Clive, Hipnosis and a few more.

Until then Vagabond AKZ signin out. Support my brothers

Download We Not Them part 1 now
Uptown Apollo Comin Soon

Social Class Droppin December 10, 2008

fuck u

Sunday, November 9, 2008

happy, sad, freezing, summer?

Ok...this may seem odd, but do we have emotions because we always had them or did we develop them outta necessity. I dont necessarily believe emotions arent important, if we aint have em life would be pretty damn grey. But still, sometimes i wish things like stupid ass people didnt have emotions. By stupid ass people, i mean people that have nothing positive to offer the world. If they werent here we'd b a lot better off.

On the other hand without these stupid ass people, we wouldn't know what makes the better emotions so good...yeah, like people in Alaska dont come out every morning and go "my god it's cold", because they may not have a warm to compare it to...maybe i'm mistaken, but i hope my drift is caught.

I think i need to think more on this and come back and write a follow up...keep an eye open.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Made It

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Execution of these Lawz

Back n July, my man G Christ (yall may know him as Nate Grey, Kennef or Black Jesus) put me up on this book by Robert Greene; The 48 Laws of Power. This would become a book that i would never be able to sit down and put energy into reading from front to back. So i pretty much read it on and off, usually in between school, homework reading, running errands, living my life, and talkin to my kween.

About 2 weeks ago, i found myself reading some more of these laws after cleaning my crib (u gotta preserve ur spot yo). So i flipped thru a few pages and skipped from law 17 (what i had read up to) and landed on at the beginning of law 25 (recreate yourself)...ok it's about that time. I'm 19 years older, I'm an artist, I'm a kalij student, I'm a representative for the underpriviledged kids of DC, and it's about time I add sumfin else to that to make myself a bit more of a better off person.

Maybe it's about time i make an investment into a new craft to add onto my long list of others. Maybe it's about time i take on a new mantra to get in my zone. Maybe it's about time i splash more seeds, thas always a good investment...Healthy FUTURE. Nothing is certain yet, but i expect to make some changes as well as add some things to myself.

First thing first. My Fizikal: It's about time i get some new frames (these glasses are pissing me off...and these are the back up pair that i didnt like anyway). I'm a business student, so it's about time i step up my collection of grown man clothes (i been sayin this for the longest, sadly i haven't had too much of a surplus lately, the recession is hittin me hard like the nex guy) and sooner or later (most likely sooner than later ) i'm gonna have to chop down my goatee :-(. My eyes are gonna have to clear up too. These are just a few things amongst many that i've been concidering.

As far as the intangible changes are concerned, you'll c as i execute them at some point n the future. These changes gon b a lot more powerful especially with me involuntarily practicing law 16 up here in Philly, away from home. I'm gon read 25 a few more times for a bit more clarity. Until then the Vagabond says peace...Obama '08, get up and make change y'all.
My Umi Says Shine ur Light on the World

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skyline pt.2 (The Rulers Back)

I'm sorry, but this class is unbearable. So to allow myself to write this blog, i jus got my laptops mic on recording the lecture for later on when i got the patience to lissen to this shrill monotone voice.

So i go to look back at the Skyline through the classroom window, but she has me all figured out. The blinds are closed...that being said, i'll iPod things thru one ear (Shuffles iPod and settles on Scarface's latest album M.A.D.E.).

So the other night i was laying back on the phone with Ceph the God watchin VH1's Hip Hop Honors, and i realized something. Slick RIck was telling his story and he was decked out in a brown and lime suit, matching eye patch of course, and jewelry. A platinum link and another platinum link wit a green stoned crucifix, and i said "WTF, Ricky D aint wearin the truck gold!?!?" and Ceph's response was, "Damn I aint even notice. I was just listening to what he was saying."

I was listening too, however i think i was doing more observing than listenin. As an emcee i'm not one to judge a rapper by their pieces, but Slick Rick is synonymous with gold. After a good two decades of wearing ropes, cubans, and gucci links wit massive gaudy dinner plate sized pendants and obnoxiously loud chunky rings on virtually every finger, the Ruler could most definitely wear his weight in gold (Even chandeliers is jealous of the patch eye's glitter).

Fade to Black concert, before Ghostface went to perform his duet wit Beyonce, Rick tosses all of his gold around the Wu Tang Emcees tree bark sized neck (also known for Truck Gold) and (all respect to Ghost) it looked like it was pulling him down on stage. Back to the Hip Hop Honors show, Slick Rick graces the stage with all his jewelry on and puts on a theatrical form of his international hit "Children's Story". I dont know, maybe his lack of Jewelry during the interview is just him growing up. Maybe his neck can't take it no more lol, or maybe he feels like he's left his mark in Hip Hop's history of crown jewels.

On the Pharell Williams Gangster Grill Mixtape, Skateboard P kicks off the tape by saying " I was inspired by Slick Rick, like he used to just come on stage and shytt on niggas real quick, then wave his fingers around the world and call us crumbs n shytt, i was hurt, stunned, astounded, amazed, and dazed and confused as a child. When u look at the 'Hey Young World' video, that shytt changed my life. So when u see me rollin around here lookin like Slick Rick, you know what the fuck it's comin from." I think Pharrell jus said what i was tryna say. It's kinda hard seein one of the loudest icons in Hip Hop (shot his cuzn n broad daylight n the Bronx, and pulled off in a yellow beamer wit Ricky D on the plates, kinda movie star shytt is that?) come so humble wit such modest jewelry on. IDK if this makes no sense...i jus kno this make me wanna listen to the "Great Adventures of Slick Rick" (Controversial ass album, if i've ever seen one).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



So i'm sittin in my Accounting i payin attetion at all?...No, but instead I'm lookin out of the window at the Philadelphia Skyline. Damn... I'm back in skool. Kool I guess. I jus wish class was over so i can smoke my Cohiba (I brought it from home and somehow forgot my cutter, suxx right?).

I hate when peoples voice volume doesn't match their surroundings, niggas that yell n libraries and get quiet at shows....backwards, but the professor has a huge class and her voice aint goin past the tip of her nose...whisperin ass. This is the point where my mind starts drifting (I miss my girlfriend, why don't whitney ever answer her fone, niggas b loafin, u got a charge doin what?, FUCK OUTTTA HEA!,i need some more tims it's gettin cold soon, u got the juice now, str8 from the motherfuckin slums they bust this WTC aint nuttin to fuck wit,if it brick can't stand on walls no more wut wold u aks it?, Jesus Christ had a fade and a Goatee like mine, my beard is gettin so much richer, me disrespectful? FUCK OUTTA HEA!!!, Septa sucks dick wit teeth, metro is so much better, I aint losin ur lil stupid ass challenge Camille)

My professor look like she lures lil boys n girls to her house wit a trail of candy n sweets, then she cook them...i don't even fuck wit....OMG IS THAT A FUCKIN NESTLE CRUNCH BAR!!!!

OMG i thought that writin all this woulda ate up some time, i only been in here for 10 minutes...i can't do 2 hours of this. I'm about to record a DISS track for this bitch ass class lol. Marilyn i luv u baby.

I'll holla at y'all niggas later. peace...i'm fuckin dyin man (Dave Chapelle Voice)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Floppin like Magikarp on Land

The dollar isn't worth as much as it used to be, gas is up, oil is up. Even lil shyt like cigarettes, Dutch Masters and CDs cost more. The record industry isn't selling as many records and there doesn't seem like too much promise for anybody tryna kick off a career on a major, especially in the Hip Hop Arena. No one is being built for longevity and companies are simply conforming to what the next man is doin as oppose to tryna find the hungry artists. Now the only artists selling (up to the industry's standards) are Jay-Z, the Game, Kanye, Jeezy, Weezy, and Rick Ross.

Maybe it's me, but when i look at the broader picture of the mainstream's Yung Bergs, Souljah Boys, Hurricane Chris-es and Gucci Manes it doesn't look like anyone is being built for a long fruitful career, but rather for a kwik buck in the pocket. When a ringtone, which is jus a snippet of a song, costs 2.50 and the whole song costs 99 cents, that to me is a blatant sign that the game is just fucked up. That means that for every ringtone a man sells, the next guy gotta sell about 3 singles....!??!?!?

Rapin the market, cuz that's what sells i guess. They know that these are certain artists that will never go gold, so they exploit the ringtone game and everybody wants to hear "Sexy Can I" before they answer they fones....and are sadly willin to pay 3 bucks for it.

Legends can't get promotion anymore (Redman, Ghostface, Method Man, and a few other cats on Def Jam, most of which left). Raekwon never gon drop OB4CL2, and Busta Rhymes just got dropped from Aftermath after deliverin a gold record about 2 years ago with The Big Bang and a hot single that's in rotation now (Dr. Dre is fuckin up, he ain't releasin nobody stuff. That's why everybody leavin; Joell Ortiz is hot, but Aftermath was loafin on cuz)

Goin gold used to be a proud accomplishment
, now u gotta go PLATINUM PLUS before you get any recognition as a solid artist in the game. Nobody wanna sound like self no more. No one's lookin for lyricism anymore. The art can't speak for itself no more, instead u have to sound like Lil Wayne (damn...everybody had a freestyle over the a milli beat...even fuckin Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo dissin Chris on the same beat, wowwwwwwwwwwwww) and if ur a girl u gotta damn near flash ur kitten to get any "respect", then if that isn't enough u gotta constantly make that a chunk of ur subject matter while defending urself as a "respectable woman" in society, try puttin ur tits back in before u try to convince us ma.

I like the Hotstylz song, "Lookin Ass Nigga", i find it quite hillarious, but they don't have a deal. They have a ONE SONG DEAL
. WTF!??! Now you can sign somebody for one song and suck them dry. What has the game come down to? I thought we had a problem when D4L replaced drums on a track for some snaps (big ups to Ceph the God for pointin that out), but now u can have an internet sensation some out of nowhere wit a ONE SONG DEAL and snatch the game up for a few months and then disappear.

Man Universal Records is fuckin up!!!
I seen that the second Atlantic released 2 Plies albums before Saigon even had a solid video on the TV or a Snipe (poster) in the hood's abandonned buildings. Greatest Story Never Told won't b told told for another hot second since he left and started shoppin it to the indies. I aint mad at Plies, get ur money man, i jus so happen to think that Saigon is a better all around artist and a big breath of fresh air that mainstream music needs.

We need a scape goat...hmmmm...let's blame Limewire
. Yeah, that'll do it. Nah fuck dat. The internet does hold some responsibility, but u cant put it all on them like it aint summa tha industry's fault.

I got an idea. How about u sign somebody that's gonna execute, instead of signing the "disposable artist". If they could breed somebody worth listening to I stand more than sure that the, people will not mind paying their 10-15 dollars on an album, bringin the business to where it needs to b once again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Friends!? WTF Are Those!?


I got my system hooked to my laptop, so when my alarm goes off 6 n tha a.m., it plays my iTunes. This morning it was a Styles P song and he dropped a big ass jewel that rippled thru the carpet, up my bed post and kicked me smack n the chest. Hellova wake-up rye?

"And I ain't got friends - I got enemies
So if they with me, then that means they my brother nigga"

I sat back n my bed and analyzed that for a second...i don't got to many enemies that im aware of, but i kno for certain that errbody i really get down wit is more family than a friend.

Hip, Gin, Hatmaker, G-Christ, Vitamin, Killa Marktwon, Kween Aja, Big Twinn, Fueg, Arafat, Chopps, Yamz, Nuri, C4, Big Ant, Araba, May-B and a gang of others. Yall are my brothers, sisters, gods, earths, 8 Point Sunz, Crescent Moons, all that good stuff.

If u kno really kno ME, like kno Michael, u my fam. trust. if u only kno what ur allowed to see, srry. ur kinda jus there. close, but not necessarily family. If u had to question if u were family or not, chances are i dont build wit u on that kinda level. nuff said. back to this 48 Laws of Power (this goin on the same shelf wit my Bible and Qur'an)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Extremist and Let Downs

Soundtrack to this blog (vintage weezy, the weezy i like)

-no i'm not random. it's just me speaking my inner monologue. nobody told ur chump ass to lissen, so next time i speak off topik, shut tha fuck up before u make judgement.

-i hold down a kween, niggas been together for monfs, but it's still a new thing to me. sorta like i'm still adjustin to this whole relationship thing, but i'm very well aware of the situation. patience....yeah kid. i got a lot of that.

-she graduated the same day obama grabbed the spot. great day.

-how come errbody from philly on smack dvd sound the same...i was n a party and these niggas was spittin...nuffin special jus a bunch of murder, guns, drugs, pussy, and whips...nuffin that hasn't been said before. yeah guys really original.

-summ rappers should get smacked for shytt they say n they music. I fuck wit jeezy, but u had summ stupid ass lines. (u was more than family, u was like my brother....) and (im so fly if i tok off this parachute i'll fall and die) luckily he stepped his bar game up.

-summ rappers should get smacked in the mouf wit abelt for shytt they say outside of they music. Wayne can rap, but we all kno u aint no gangsta pah. (i'll kill u, and ur kids, and ur family. SU WU!!!) fuck outta here.

-what i hate more than half the shytt wayne say now is his bitch ass fans that luv errthing he says, but dont kno wut he fuckin sayin, cuz half the time now he aint talkin bout nuffin. i swear they holdin his dick for ever dear life. if they let go____________flatline. dick biters. Carter 3 is bullshyt anyway. 17 songs 6 good ones. niggas waited for 6 songs.

-i'm up to my neck in music projects that i'm knockin off like water. Magnum Opus album comin soon, AKZionz' ReAKZion mixtape comin soon, Full Metal Brothers Tape comin soon. and im doin an EP wit Banquo n Hipno.

-i saw a video of some Black Israelites mocking the holocaust on soapboxes when a Jewish kid contested them for being racist. the boy cried. I cried with him. Sad shyt. i dont kno if thats how the israelites get down for real, or if them soap box niggas are just extremists. I hope the latter. If so, they paint a very nasty picture of what following god is.

-i have 3 days until i'm home

-i miss all my brothers, i miss my sisters too, and the kween. i miss my younger gods, i miss creatin on a free reign. i fuckin hate livin on a schedule. im too much of an artist to b contained like dis. if it wasn't for my blogspot. i prolly woulda lost my fuckin mind.

-if u still lissenin to wayne turn it off. Sean Price is iller at this point n my night

-ayo araba, u that nigga son. real tiddalk. u hold me down like steel plates yo. thanx for bein understandin n all that other sensitive shytt. punk ass nigga lol

-i got a final later i sleepin? am i gon pass?...i guess. i studied for it

-ay for every body that still rock those Hip-Hop is dead t-shirts ridin skateboards n shytt, u killed Hip-Hop. U prolly that nigga that hopped on the band wagon. never heard a nas song a day n ur life but started throwin up star trak signs n shytt when skateboarding was kool.

-if u see a skateboarder concerned wit bein fresh he aint a real skateboarder, i make the same argument for rappers. these aint pretty nigga sports yo. there's no such thing as lookin the part. posers.

-las night i was talkin to mrs. marilyn. she the tall lady that live n my room. she lissen mad well. i luv her for that. she aint no mail order chick, but i got her on the internet, and she came here from cali at my rekwest...thats luv yo. (im not cheatin on Jenna dumb asses, Marilyn is my mic. Personification nigga)

-i luh yall niggas, even if u hate me i luh yall....who am i foolin, if u hate me go fuck urself. that'll take ur mind off me. go get constructive stare at a wall u fag.

-ayo adam remember this las friday
random bitch: Y U YELLIN AT US!?

....i'm gone to sleep g'nite niggas

GHOSTFACE catch the blast of a hype verse/ my glock burst leave n a hearsr i did worese// (first one heard las one seen) first rapper to rock a mask

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Hair

Setting: Blackout BBQ, today around 4 o'clock. A big group of black people at my skool i never met before, doing black people things (enjoying food, frollicking, playin music, playin spades, talkin n shytt)soundtrak:

Me: (lookin around at wus goin on) Man we some beautiful ass people son
(niggas nod n agreeance). Ay maurice u need a haircut son (group laffter).

Moe: U need one too nigga

Me: thus me wearin this hat, but i got that good shytt. I got african n me. (crackin a joke, but dead ass serious)

Chick: wut afrikans u kno got good hair.....

(silence....she got me started)

Me: brainwash...fuck dat. i got good ass afrikan hair. u see wyte people tryna get cornrows and locks now. thats afrikan shytt. and they can't flex it right, cuz they hair aint built for that son.


Me: People always tryna look like us. It's a reason mufuckas go tanning kid. Mufuckas don't go tannin jus because. It's a reason wyte joints gettin ass injections and lip injections. it's a reason they gettin ribs removed to b curvier. that shytt aint jus because. u think people rock OUR styles jus cuz. If Pharell rocked a koofi, i bet u'll c wyte boys gettin koofies leff n rite. We the most sought after beings on this fuckin planet yo. No matter where we go we hated, but more imitated than anything. people go out on a damn limb tryna b us(niggas noddin summore) real talk son.

ay son, blak people do the Nalij. keep ur eyes open, these images don't fall on blind eyes. Errthing is rite n front ur phaces. Aknalij it.
Peace to Allah, the father.
I really b feelin like this kid
race matters. good ass book. Cornel West is the man

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Jus Not Pretty No More...


Hip-Hop is dead? No. I honestly think it's one of the most absurd things I've ever heard. Hip-Hop was just fine and dandy for everyone until Nas's latest album dropped. Now all of a sudden everybody holds a huge funeral for her.

No disrespect to the god Nas, but his album only extends on how emcees aren't real anymore. The last time I checked Hip-Hop was more than emceeing. It was a culture that consists of the other three elements of dee-jaying, b-boying, and graffiti. Though these elements aren't at the peak of where they could possibly be, they still exist.

As far as the state of emceeing is concerned, there are a large number of rappers that are rapping just because and are heavily saturated in watered down party lyrics and drug tales. But, instead of putting on a black armband for Hip-Hop, as a "real" fan you would question the longevity of the current subject matter in the music.

Hip-Hop is like a real living breathing human being--"it is subject to change". If you observe the art of rhyme, it's clear to see that it moves in cycles. In the genesis, emceeing wasn't too much about lyrical content anyway. It was loud party music just like it is now. If Chuck D never came with the politics, we would probably still be doing the wop or something like that. If Ice Cube never kicked in the door with gangster rap, we would probably still be uptight all the time talking about how corrupt the government is.

Hip-Hop is far from dead. She just got a lot of surgery and doesn't look as cute as she used to be. It's hard for me and many other people to swallow that, but it has to go down or you'll choke. I don't necessarily like where Hip-Hop is right now, but just because I don't like her as much doesn't mean she's dead. I still love her.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Me vs. Night Train at Hell is For Heroes

I love Hip-Hop. I don't beef. iBattle lol. Shytt is a healthy ass outlet for me. This is me battlin another D.C. area emcee at The Food Chain Collective's "Hell is for Heroes". Hit me up on my myspace page.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Do This Shytt

I do this Hip Hop shytt. Don't start to argue with me about what Hip Hop is. I'm tired of mufuckas that don't kno shytt about Hip Hop comin' up to me tellin me what Hip Hop is. I'm a Wu-Tang fan, Saigon fan, Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Aesop Rock, Sean Price, M1 P, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Talib, Mos Def, Reef the Lost Cauze, and C-Rayz Walz fan. This goes to show my range in taste. I ain't one of those tofu eatin "THIS IS REAL HIPHOP" mufuckas. Good Musick speaks for itself. No such thing as bad Hip-Hop. This is simply the emceeing element of Hip Hop.

Don't approach me telling me who u think is hotter than the other based on sells and earning power and award nominations. there are greater emcees that im sure ur close minded ass would never hear. u judging a rapper by their awards won is like judging kids by they test scores. it's not an accurate account of lyricism/artistry. Souljah Boy is a grammy nominee and how talented is he?....really? Bow Wow is a grammy nominee (did he ever winn one? idk), but tha kid can't even write his own lines.

I can go on forever, but just kno that, i am a student of this shytt. i've been doin this since i was 14 years old. 5 years later, i've attained so much knowledge on my field of choice. if this pays the bills, so be it, but i luv tis shytt. go talk about ur spice girls or watever tha fuck u lissen to, but don't tell me what Hip Hop is or isn't or who's hot and who's not.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brothers In Arms Mixtape Done

Go Download the Brothas In Arms Mixtape by me n my brother n rhyme Hipnosis. It's Free and it's good quality Hip-Hop. Enjoy.



Friday, April 4, 2008

Kween Piece on the Board (dusted free write)

This is the soundtrack for the blog (ST dont got nuffin to do wit the blog wit it)

idk, she breathes on the fone. not like, that "DAMN BITCH STOP BREATHIN N MY EAR" breathin either. It's perfectly fine when she do it.

i kall late n she's tired...this happens far too often. Maybe i should call earlier she said...
Good Idea. I guess that'll work, but i sorta look forward to talkin to sleepy u, it's real as hell. I get a lot of answers when u aint really answerin...nah mena? (spelled mena on purpose)
When ur lil narcoleptic ass doze off, i let u go for a while. The silence is cool. The only thing that breaks that silence (aside from the irresponsibly loud mufuckas n my hallway) is ur breathing, not to b confused wit snoring

I like to lissen to the breaths son. it holds a certain innocence that we too old to attain anymore, but of course u miss out on it cuz ur sleeping lol .

I feel like i'm 5 again when u breathe youth in my ear. worry free, concerned wit lil ish like kool-aid bursts (remember them) and chips ahoy when they only came in the blue bag.

I guess what i'm saying is u make me feel young...that sounds gay as shytt. Well...okay i got it...
U MAKE ME FEEL FUCK FREE. I'm free to make moves, and at the same time I don't give a ____ cuz i'm 5 again. No priorities for that lil 5 minutes. then i wake u up, and ask if u wanna go to sleep.

Me: U tired?
Her: U'm nnnm sleepit (u should really hear urself)
Me: Luh u son
Her: Aight I'm goin to sleep...(punk ass half sleep laf) Luh u too

Then i roll over and empty my pockets n kick off my tims n doze off.
It's a drunk bitch askin for directions

Me: U have the wrong number
DB: Dale, i hate u. U said call u for help. UR AN ASS HO- (I hung up)

word to my drink of choice, Gin n Tonic where u at (inside).
Hi Skool Philosophy (explanation for power0u splurgin)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


How come:

>Heathens want to get all religious on u when u tell them u aint christian.

>Girls pick the same DUMB ASS niggas over and over and then wanna say all men are jerks...All men aint jerks, u just wasted ur first round draft pick three seasons str8.

>they still call them blackboards when they green now

>Niggas b wantin to loaf when u serious

>Birds walk...u got wings nigga, fuck u walkin for

>butch lesbians b lookin more manly than me, like i'm talkin bout beards an all that

>Good people r so often overlooked

>I'm always the nigga that gotcha back, but u b actin all ??? when u chillin around ur wack ass friends

>some of y'all take advantage of me havin ur back, that shytt b makin me look like a bully sometimes

>niggas dont rapp like they used to in '94

>bitch niggas become bloods and crips and never get exposed for bein bitch made...nigga i knew u when we was 11, my man took all the Charizards out ur pokemon deck, and i got at u in 9th grade by the cafeteria steps. dont remember that do u?...didnt think u would

>good girls are so hard to find in dc, and all the aiight ones b dumb as hell

>how come u 30 years old and listen to all "Hip-Hop", but never heard of Kool G Rap

>lil wayne b soundin like he just learned to read

>Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 aint out yet

>Rich niggas b askin broke niggas to change they 50s and 20s...

>I'm the only nigga in my hood thats leavin for kalij

>we can cry in front of eachother but nobody else

>The Brisket Tape was such a ill ass album, i h8 u chops, settin the bar n shytt lol

>u post pictures of urself wit gunz's all good son, go ahead and get indicted if u want to.

>loafin niggas even loaf when they bein proactive

>That cute mixed girl loves the help a nigga give her, but dont b respondin to me no more...!?...I hope she aiight

>im 18 and still aint got around to hittin up a strip club yet

>girls b wantin to tell u thay like u at the last minute; nigga im bout to go to kalij, u woulda been betta off keepin that to urself.

>niggas b actin like girls and get mad when u treat like such

>They let the terminator win the election, come on pay attention lol (i had to get that one out)

**Feel free to add on**
**B ready for pt. 2 of this soon**

Hold Up, U mean to tell me that...

Hold Up, U mean to tell me that y'all are so caught up in time u gon go back twenty years in time. Like, AKzionz says do y'all thing but come the fuck on. Y'all niggas should just grab yall rope chains and hang yall selfs. like for real. I'm not bothered that yall dressin like the eighty's, but most of yall niggas was born in '93. damn near everything to do wit the 80s u missed it. U missed Rayful Edmonds, Alpo, AZ, Rich Porter (the crack era) U missed the golden age of HipHop, U missed the AIDS epidemic, U missed Bush and Reagan lol (yung as shytt boi)

Y'all niggas was just pissin in potties when the first playstations came out in '95. y'all missed gigapets and tamigachi watches, and u gon tell me what the 80s look like. I barely made it so I aint gon front on it. '89 all day, 80s baby 90s child nikka. Grimy rapp wit a chewstick lol. if u gon do it, do it big...dress like the 1780's. Grab ur Knickerbockers and corsetts. throw on a thomas jefferson wig nigga. that aint been done yet (and for everyone of yall i c lookin like ben franklin walkin in gallery place or georgetown, i'm sprayin yall wit cyanide). Y'all look like clowns...and stop takin gun pictures and throwin up gang signs yall aint hard!!!

Man I B Feeling Like Huey from Boondocks watchin this Shytt

Man...I be feelin Like Huey from the Boondocks Watchin this shytt. so dig this right. i been watchin the series beef for a while. i seen all the dvd's and all that,but the click moment just occured like 10 minutes ago. i was watchin this gillie da kid flick i stumbled across on you tube, and in this video he exposin cassidy for bein a fraud. he takes his camera to cassidy's old hood and get summa his niggas to expose him.

this shyt b killin the god, str8 up.every time i see this shytt i feel like yall mufuckas pushed niggas back another 3 years. we like in '62 again rite its always summ established nigga in the game against summ nigga thats still in the hood and that nigga thats still in the hood is more theatrical then the herb he tryna diss.

and what pisses me off more than the rapper dissin the other nigga, it be them clown ass extras in tha background talkin shytt lookin dead in the camera wit they guns out in shytt. smokin weed rite in front of the camera talkin all this "fuck u, come back to the hood. nigga u cant come back to ur own hood nigga." mufucka, get ur ass in the house dog. u mus b tryna get indicted. and wit me bein from the hood, i kno how beautiful it truly is lookin at it thru a hood boys lens, but at the same time, if u in gov't housin who the fuck wanna come back to live there if they soul lifes mission was to get out.

trust big ak, if i get out the hood, don't get on no smack dvd or beef tryna soil my name. i'll give it to anyone of y'all niggas. u kno how i get down. but in the meantime let me sip my mango juice in the shade sumwhere in florida.

"that nigga cassidy aint real, he went to the smartest hi skool in all of philadelphia..." hands down the most ignorant shytt ive ever heard in the world. the nigga aint real cuz he intelligient? get the fuck outta here. y'all niggas is dumb. thats y yall stuck. get from in front of the camera actin like sambos wit gats and "read a mufuckin book. raise ur kids nigga. and buy some land, fuck spinnin rims" (word to d-mite back home).

The Return of The Estrogen Series

Niggas that kno me kno about the acclaimed estrogen blogs i used to write on my old myspace joint. well, here go anotha 1. this time its gon b a bit different tho. instead of doing a list, im gon talk on 1 issue that bothers me....ok, here we go.

So las nite i was finishin up some homework, and Hipno called the god. he was mad about a certain song he had heard. i he put the fone to the speaker and said wtf son, look a these niggas, y am i not signed? idk. i heard it but i wasnt lissenin so i got off the fone to get done the task at hand.

afterwards i walked out and i ate this grape fruit, brainfood at its finest and crept back into my room around 1 30 n the mournin. after vibin to a playlist i made for the occassion i started watchin "How High" n it dawned on me to look up this song Hipno played to me.

O My Fuckin God, r u serious son. What the fuck is wrong wit this shytt susposed to be cool or sumthin. idk maybe im late but this lil dumb ass minstrel got a song about being flyy and havin a wack ass report card...and niggas buy this shytt. come on dogg. 13 year old girls lissen to u man. niggas destroyin kweens b4 they can even advance. 13 year old boys lissen to u nigga. u fuckin up kings before they can advance. and when boys think that shytt is cool, they go out and do it and little girls run after lil dumb ass niggas like dat.

idk, but i think this shytt is bothersome yo. niggas com in the game get a bullshytt lil chain and slice they eyebrows up and be the top shytt of the night after they snap a few time and make up some u can't rap for shytt but u at the top of the rapp charts, stealing from real talent like me n my niggas god. get ur money nigga, but u publicized as a millionaire in blackface.

that made the food n my stomach digest kwik as hell. im not mad, iaint hatin, im jus statin the obvious. i feel like a grea painter gettin overlooked because some nigga made his whole canvas black and got rich off of it. there's no artistry in sumthin any nigga can do. anybody can rapp like soulja boy. that niggas a chump. word to everything

peace this AKZionz signin out. I feel like huey from boondocks watchin this shytt. lls, but im dead ass srious. niggas kno. and go see for urself now
...niggas make me sick
I really feel like this nigga, the only difference is age and a haircut.

I Had To Let This Out

so i was layin back las yessuhnite lissenin to this edgar winter song dying to live (the joint eminem sampled for that runnin joint wit big and pac).and the gears n my mind started shiftin. nice song. poured his heart on that page. here go a link to tha song

...i can cook. i cooked for one of my wizzes she loved it. best breakfas she ever had. eggs, grits, and turkey bacon (i don't dine on swine, so it aint no pork on her fork)

i painted one of my pinky nails black as a conversation piece. bitches luv'n it

skool goin aiight i guess. i overslept two joints today tho. my alarm was set for pm instead of am. o well.

nobody here understand me here for real. i wanna go back to hi skool, but it's all good. life moves forward and im at peace wit that.

i got these two birds i chill wit. they cool most of the time. they b doin sum wack shytt too i aint gon lie.

luckily emmaly wild ass is a 10 minute $6 train ride away in Camden, New Jerusalem.

she got a cute roomate, but i aint approachin it like dat. she cool peeps. she indian.

jus got over a 4 week writers block. gotta finish this album now. when banquo get back on trak i gotta hit him for beats

one of my kweens n trainin needs to grow up and realize the sun dont rise and set on her

to all my women out there self esteem is a must. stop dependin on niggas to do shytt for y'all. niggas aint shytt. b happy for u, not because what niggas put in ur head.

to all my niggas (jus dudes period, dont mean u black or hispanic), stop bein bitchmade. fuck ur staxx. u from the burbs takin gun pictures, knowin u won't bust a grape in a winery. bitch ass niggas out here. b real.

niggas b on summ bull shytt. like u got errthing, then u go and fuck it up, knowin what u did was wrong. now u sittin in the back of a squally joint cuz u wanna shoot niggas

Nalij of self and common sense is a must. stop tryna act like rappers cuz u been watchin smack dvd's.

i think this note like that video joint Alektra fine ass did when she was waitin....nah no it aint.. but i fucks wit them joints tho


Ashley Boo got this face she made that i want to be part of my backspread tat.

Big Ak 5'10" 285 who want what. 15 punds shy of the 300 club.

Las weekend i had a long ass talk wit nina from like 2 to like almost 6 in tha am.

Lil wayne is hot, but he aint the greatest rapper alive...thats a title u can't claim that on urself.

...Gillie da Kid is a internet ho. Startin shytt wit Wayne and Cass tryna get a deal. He wont fuck wit Beans like dat. Tone Trump is nice, chek him out. jus got signed to g-unit congrats big homie.

"no no no little buddy i smoke, ur a drug addict." lol

my beard is lookin healthy and im eatin good. what more can i say.

fly ass song if yall still lissenin to it. or played it in the first place.

aiight. i gotta get dressed.

...hungry. chicken caesar salad sounds nice


Alektra, Wuddup SON!? lol
This the face i was talkin bout. U that nigga Ashley. Word is Bon Jovi.

Flowers, Birds, C.S. Lewis...and Shackles!?

(the theme song for this blog is secondary protocol by wildchild

* I'm getting old....19 creepin up on me, and i'm gettin college fat lol. i stopped workin out to dedicate time to math101 n still failed ain't that a bitch.

-las nite i was buildin wit Jenna, one of my kweens. i really appreciate how she take it upon herself to holla at me on AIM since my fone got yanked. I luv her to deff and wish her nuffin but the bess. She got that voice like somebody mother, it's nurturing as hell. I luv her voice, i really notice that since i lost my jack and can't hear it no more.

*Hipnosis is my nigga. My bestfriend. I really respect him and his work ethic. In the past 3 years we watched each other become men. I think his name might be my seeds middle name or sumthin. He holdin it diddown for gangsta cakes (his god daughter).

-I got my first splash of permanent art back in November. I'm thinkin of my next few joints. A back spread is expensive. I think I wanna get my calf done next. It's gon b birds, flowers, this C.S. Lewis quote about manhood and childhood, and a shackle. This is a liberation piece. Like my liberation shackle of sorts (disregard how it's an oxymoron).

*I'm not a black nationalist or nuffin like dat, but my History 163 class is bullshytt so I'm gon say bullshytt as much as I can in this lil block America being the land of the free is bullshytt unless ur white. The white man being the saviour of the world is bullshytt, it aint a culture he ain't stolen from or pillaged entirely. bullshytt history class with a bullshytt teacher. History should be taught from a poor minority persepctive...unless its that way ur gon get bullshytt shoved in ur brain and down ur throat. (doesn't taste too good class is disgusting).

-I'm directing all of my excess energy to create now. My mic is coming soon. Can't wait yo :-D. Siced as shytt boy

*I'm tired of obviously grown men sayin "I'm on my grown man shytt" fuckin DERRRRRR!!!!! Ur a grown man.

-Tabitha u the fuckin man son lol. Luh u like family. Barely kno u, but u remind me of hi skool soooooo much. That was a wonderfu era in my life. U one of the only people here that understands me (prolly cuz u not a civilian [non-artist]). U r appreciated son...shotgun (inside)lol
wuddup Jenna. thanx for keepin me outta tha matrix. I'm already surrounded by fake, i need ur real.

Hipno, wuddup king. Like I said, all we got is us. Great minds click like seatbelts son.

This nigga aint do a damn thing for black people in America. Do the knowledge and u'll c wussup.

Goofy ass Tabitha

Gorgeous ass Tabitha lol...shotgun