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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Slaughterhouse

In the light of the current state of Hip Hop Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I, and Joelle Ortiz create the super group Slaughter House. 4 emcees from 4 different cities with 4 different sounds all dedicated to lyricism and bringing it back to Hip Hop.

Last time most people heard of Joe Budden was "Pump it Up" from his self titled debut album on Def Jam. Since then he's released his Mood Muzick series and his digital only album Halfway House to pretty good avail as an indie artist.
Despite previous beef with Royce da 5'9" they've joined forces with Jo and Crook and as a group they feel like fuck a platinum disc and focus more on just having a loyal following. I'm all for it, especially when they keep dropping hot shyt like the track "Slaughterhouse". I'm really lookin forward to more work from them all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tabi is DOPE!

So this is my first real dose of Tabi. I'm in the middle of his DOPE album and so far, this shyt knocks. I'm a fan of lyrical Hip-Hop, however Tabi aint the most lyrical mufucka on the planet, but I'm all for DMV unification, and word is the album was hot, so i don't mind spendin my lil 10 bucks on iTunes for the album.

So now i'm sittin hear halfway thru the album and this shyt really is DOPE. Flow-wise as well as productionwise Tabi has a sound that's most definitely distinguishable from the monotony of a lot of what's going on in the Hip Hop Arena now. This shyt is like spaceman music, that good ass Cadillac Truck destination Mars shyt, that Good let's walk to the moon shyt. That good ol'....ok u get the deal. Jet Setter is tha best shyt ever moe. Any music fan should get they hands on this. DMV Unification yo, support ur own DC, support ur own. n the year 2G9, DC Shines.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day from AKZionz on Vimeo.

Jus B Honest

If Pinochio would've jus went to school that day, the story would've been like 10 minutes long and saved a lot of stress on errbody's behalf. He wouldn't have been a circus freak; he wouldn't have choked on the cigar; he wouldn'tve turned into a donkey; and he wouldn'tve got errbody swallowed by a whale. I would've beat Pinochio's ass when he became a real boy the next morning.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vagabond on his Brothas

i luv all my brothers.
All of us handsome, and we all kings
and all of us are developing into fine men of society
i feel like lil kids should look up to us yo.
real tiddalk.

This is nowhere near all of us
It's like 40 of us
no krhyme family in dc roll heavier then us

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Polytheistic Non Denominational Heaven


I'm a extremely right wing blak amerikan. I go to baptist church every sunday, i live whole heartedly by the bible and the doctrines of Christ. In my eye everybody elses religion, beliefs, philosophy is wrong. I take pride in converting people from their old beliefs (as would any practicing religious person). In debates relating to political stands I argue my case with religion. If sumbody has an issue wit that they're wrong and going against wut God says. I argue with Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Homosexuals, and many other people that don't live my standard Christian lifestyle.

I'm driving to an anti-abortion rally in Arlington, VA and my car hits a ditch on the freeway. The tire pops i swerve out of control and smash into the car a lane across from me and flip over a few times. The airbag didn't deploy and I'm hunced over my will with a broken chest. My skull is bleeding profusely and I black out. I die enroute to the hospital.

So I'm in ecstacy to that I'm at the gates of heaven, as has been promised in my religious text. St. Peter let's me thru the gates and i c the roads of gold, but no one is here but me..... I step into this giant castle assumin it was the house of god and to my amazement i c god the father and christ...along with Buddha, Vishnu, and a plethora of other gods...this is wrong...

The voice of god (out of the many gods...idk? it was a womens voice) says, "Earth was simply a n these other gods had decided to wage a bet. We decided that in the event that we establish religions people would fight and rage war and cause riots. A few of us said it wouldn't be that way, but little did we kno, it was."

I feel lied to.

"We, the gods, are tolerant gods. We all have our own beliefs as do u on Earth, but it's not worth the destruction of society or insulting other people... We all coincide in the same house with no issues, becuz we all believe that everyone is different, thus no one is going to have the exact same belief system."

I say, "wut about the atheist"

God says, "No one's an atheist when the odds are hugely stacked against them. An atheist will pray in a fox hole" all the other gods agree, "this was just a lesson as life is, but heaven is a tolerant place. We admit most people to heaven simply on good deeds and good nature, and we appreciate ur kind nature, but also pardon ur ignorance in the face of others."

Then this angel came down (had on a knights helmet and these huge boots, warpaint and a huge sword with chain hangin from it , with like 40 sumfin wings, and fingerless spiked gloves) and touched my head with his sword and i entered this other realm, with billions of people and they were all tolerant and coexisted peacefully. Niggas was grillin food and playin volleyball n all that, then my eyes were finally opened. I wondered how this would've been if i knew this was on earth.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Soon to Be on the Milk Box

XXL Magazine has a small section in the mag where a rapper that's fallen off (or disappeared) is on a Milk Box. It's located near the Negroe Please segment and the Step ur Rap Game Up segment. Well Here are a few Rappers to soon b on the Milk Box. Sad thing is some of these cats (not most) could actually rap.

*Cam'ron (where is cam'ron youtube it)
*Young Dro (fuck he go)
*Hurricane Chris (angry puppy lookin ass)
*V.I.C. (lame as hell)
*MIMS (so not as hot as u said u was)
*J-Kwon (Raekwon stole ur name!? nigga u lost)
*Jibbs (Wish u woulda saved the money on ur Chain hangin low huh?)
*and more than likely a few other rappers i failed to mention

2009 the year of the Lyricist (Hip did this 1st)

Okay 2008 recap.

*Yung Berg flopped
*Gucci Mane went back to jail
*Soulja Boy flopped
*Charles Hamilton appeared
*Wale got signed ( i think that was '08, DC stand up)
*L.A.X. dropped (Game at his best in my opinion)
*8 of the Emcees on XXL's Freshman 10 (tho not some of my favorites) are bringing some form of intelligience back to Hip Hop.

My prediction for 2009 is that the lyricist is gonna rise once again, however i hope it's here to stay. Back in 2003 u had that lil "backpack rap" phase wit Kanye and Common (Electric Circus) where the majors tried to put forth the educated "uppity negro" as the steam engine for Hip Hop.

Ludacris is back to his roots and is in rare form, Saigon is set to release Greatest Story Never Told (...eventually), Jadakiss is set to release Kiss My Ass, and The Clipse are gonna follow up their XXL rated commercial failure (a bit short of gold, great album tho) Hell Hath no Fury. I might b forgettin sumfin, but for the most part 2009 is the year where Hip Hop wont let us down.

AKZionz ReAKZion comin soon
Hipnosis' Mental Therapy comin soon

-Vagabond Ak signin out