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Monday, July 7, 2008

Friends!? WTF Are Those!?


I got my system hooked to my laptop, so when my alarm goes off 6 n tha a.m., it plays my iTunes. This morning it was a Styles P song and he dropped a big ass jewel that rippled thru the carpet, up my bed post and kicked me smack n the chest. Hellova wake-up rye?

"And I ain't got friends - I got enemies
So if they with me, then that means they my brother nigga"

I sat back n my bed and analyzed that for a second...i don't got to many enemies that im aware of, but i kno for certain that errbody i really get down wit is more family than a friend.

Hip, Gin, Hatmaker, G-Christ, Vitamin, Killa Marktwon, Kween Aja, Big Twinn, Fueg, Arafat, Chopps, Yamz, Nuri, C4, Big Ant, Araba, May-B and a gang of others. Yall are my brothers, sisters, gods, earths, 8 Point Sunz, Crescent Moons, all that good stuff.

If u kno really kno ME, like kno Michael, u my fam. trust. if u only kno what ur allowed to see, srry. ur kinda jus there. close, but not necessarily family. If u had to question if u were family or not, chances are i dont build wit u on that kinda level. nuff said. back to this 48 Laws of Power (this goin on the same shelf wit my Bible and Qur'an)