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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whats to come in 2010

So expect a few things from me in 2010.

*The AKZion Figures Mixtape
I know i been talking about this project for a minute, but do to a beat shortage it's been forced into the backseat. However, I have every intention to release this project for the listening pleasure of you and yours. I've brought a few people on board to help me on this journey as well; a few voices, a few minds. AKZionz ReAKZion was a well received project. This will be a better project. It's all about growth as an artist, and in this project that growth will be evident.

*More Feature Verses
If you've had an ear to the DMV HipHop scene, my voice may be familiar. Peep me on projects with G5 Clive, Lola Maxwell, Hipnosis, Sinitus and be on the lookout for future tracks with guest verses via me.

*Live Performances
I haven't been on top of my live performance game at all in 2009. Can't have a repeat of that. Never been like me to not seize a stage, but sadly that's been the case this year and expect me to get out of that lump and get my rappin ass on stage.

*More Real Talk
For those of you who frequent my blog, even in my absense, you know that I'm not to shy when it comes to telling it how I see it. That aint goin nowhere and don't expect it to for a good minute. It's only right to be real. Expect more of my commentary in the year to come.

After it's all said and done we have a little less than 2 days left in the year. 2009 was a great year and the years just continue to get better. So while i lay in my crib wit my kween tomorrow night and kiss her when the ball drops, i wish all of you a safe,healthy and productive 2010. Let's survive.


Monday, December 28, 2009

AKZionz Got a New Years Resolution!!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

onMIND offCHEST (words from G5 Clive)

...before i hit these jays with my bruthas vaughn garcia and sean diesel, as well as kailasa (illest in america) lol and go see this avatar, i wan get a few things off my heart. cuz its a tad bit heavy right now. the current state of the relationship amongst blak ppl right now, especially in inner cities isnt right. it just isnt. its failing us. its destroying our plans. of redemption. im a jokester to the fullest, ask anyone u kno that kno me and theyll tell u, "dont take that boy serious," but on sum real shit, i dont joke when it comes to my family. ill kill for anyone in my family. and thats not just blood. i genuinely feel like alot of the ppl i kno on here are family, even the ones i dont kno or havent had the chance to encounter yet. excuse the seriousness of this post but im an aquarious and im a humanitarian lol and i feel the need for sumthn ta be said. BLACK PEOPLE STAND UP!

the 21st century ego has penetrated DEEP in the flesh of our people and it hurts ta see the distance between those bruthas and sistas who seem ta feel superior than the next. its truly disheartening to see, hear and in many cases be apart of this subconscious/conscious civil segration. on the flip side, and mostly prevalent on the internet, we have a plethora of insecure individuals whoring themselves for the wrong attention. material. outer beauty. social acceptance. i feel its a shame we as yung african-american men and women constantly, day in and day out search for a filling to the void in our souls thru the soul-drenching pages of facebook/myspace/twitter/e
tc. THERE IS NO WIN WIN WITHIN THIS. this will only lead to the conditioning of ignorance and lack of self-knowledge as well as appreciation. you will continue, even after your facebook days, to search for sumone to click on the "i like this" button to ur life.

i dont wanna preach cuz im not a preacher. i like ta lead by example. and i love yall man, truly. all my friends kno id do anything for them, so i jus wanna let yall kno man, lets come togetha and stop wastin time. everyday we hav ppl that talk about it but never do it, and then they look up and theyre 25, 30, 35, 40. we're 18, 19, 20, 21. the smartest generation ever. but also the blindest. most content. most selfish.

b4 i end this note i wanna say a few more things. i dont wanna leave yall wit a heavy heart, sayin all this negative shit about us bc at the end of the day we're (BLACK PEOPLE) still the most gifted, we're still the envy of the world. STILL. even after the death of HANIBLE. TOUSSAINT. MARTIN. MALCOLM. WE ARE STILL THE ENVY OF THIS PLANET AND UNTIL WE REALIZE OUR WORTH AND THE STRENGTH WE HAVE WE WILL CONTINUE TA BE TARGETING FOR DEATH. THEY WILL NOT LET UP ON TRYING TO DESTROY THE LEGACY OF THIS CHOSEN PEOPLE.

and one more thing, sorry lol, but im seein a whole lot of black women running around like chickens with their heads cut off. they seem ta hav bought into this beyonce independent shit a little too hard and are making a mockery of everything our parents and their parents have founded. LADIES, STICK BY YOUR GUY AND HELP US BECOME BETTER FOR YALL! STOP DROPPIN YOUR PANTIES TO EVERY GUY THAT SMOKES YOU UP. BE THE EPITOME OF CLASS!

thats all yall, i love yall and will see yall at the top very soon. believe that. one luv

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Really UK Prison Guards?

"British police have appealed for information about the whereabouts of an escaped prisoner who has been telling the world via Facebook about his life as a fugitive.
Craig Lynch, 28, escaped Hollesley Bay open prison near Suffolk, eastern England, back in September, but has continued to update his Facebook status regularly -- describing everything from his meals to who his next girlfriend will be." (read more)
This is almost as dumb as that prisoner in the UK that was growing weed in his cell and convinced the guards it was a tomato plant. SMH, at this rate I bet Homer Simpson can be a UK Prison guard....what's so hard about finding this guys IP Address or sumfin. It's not like he got a private page or nothing. I bet if i added him right now, it wouldn't dawn on UK Police to investigate me, as they should do the rest of his friends/associates.

Love/Hate 2009

this is AKZionz' love hate, not that we got that clear


-Free Mixtapes (this is gone be on my list for a few years)
-DMV HipHop Scene elevating
-G5 Clive's Reign Cheque Mixtape
-Shyne getting out of prison
-Mike Tyson documentary
-Live Performances
-Rick Ross surviving the wrath of 50 Cent
-Malice of the Clipse's Webisode Series


-Jay Z conspiracy theories
-Media Take Out
-Drake "Best I Ever Had" video
-Shine being deported
-Don Cornelius on the BET Awards
-Yung Berg still getting chumped
-Michael Jackson's brothers piggy backing their dead brother
-Ray J on VH1....fuck it the whole VH1 network
-106 & Park infusing twitter with the show
-Tiger Woods goin out like a bitch
-Rihanna's new bad girl IMAGE.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Stay Healthy, Stay Black and Stay Beautiful

In a previous post, i wrote to all my beautiful young black women how important slf preservation was. I pretty much just got girls Hip to all the dumb shit that they ignore and endure in "relationships" with dumb niggas. Not too long ago someone i know had a child. I'm proud of her for going through with bringing a beautiful life into this world and enduring the sacrifice yet enjoying the upbringing of her seed.

However we still have girls stuck in the wrong mind set. Simply put, they got they priorities fucked up. In bringing life comes an experience that should be held with your seed. Acknowledging to self all the small developments into a being you created and all that. The bond between a parent and child (especially a single mother) should be a journey where one seeks the acknowledgment of two from the flower they watch blossom. I luv yall black girls, but truth be told, a few of you need to accept priority. This aint a piece being pro-man, but all the blame can't be put on one. As admitted in my previous post, niggas be on some dumb shit. However, that shouldn't be taken as an excuse to place blame where one could've upheld.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


In a matter of hours Chocolate City was full of white, no gentrification puns intended. Dreading to have to shovel 24 inches of snow i hoped that the weather forecasts were inaccurate, but at the avail of nature we got plenty snow to go around. At least I shoveled it down some. Now i don't gotta worry about it being as heavy when I step back out today (looks at clock) hour. Burr isn't even the word. My hands felt like i been punchin ice blocks and freeze pops all day lol.

Despite the weather, i still chilled with a few of my boys that I don't see that much. Since we don't see eachother as much as we did when we was younger, we make it a point to catch up when we come home from school; sit in the Impala, bang the bass, go HD, shoot the shit then we part ways.

My man EJ, said i look like father time
My grandmother said i looked like Santa Claus shovel some more....#FUCK

Survival of the Smartest

I wonder if the cows are gonna be as smart as their avian counterparts


Friday, December 18, 2009

B4 iLose the Thought

Yessuhday my nigga CJ asked me how did I know HipHop was for me. My response, "I got good at it too quick. Duck to water homie". That in conjunction with how HipHop was just the best means of expression for me as a lover of music and writer that couldn't sing lol.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blak Roc

My homegirl put me on game yessuhday when we was uptown celebratin everybody bein home again, and it looks like it's gonna be epic. The Black Keys and a slew of Legendary Artists formed by Damon Dash are compiling an album under the name Blak Roc. It's not a label, but it sorta seems like the equivalent to the red and black NWO of the Hip Hop Arena. I don't necessarily think Dame is tryna clash with Hov's Roc Nation, but holding on to the "Roc" comes off as him holding on to sumfin that he pretty much got robbed for.

Sittin back on the plush leather couch, blowin on some uptown good and lissenin to the recordin session in the webisodes brought a feeling of nostalgia; a feeling takin me back to why I fell in love with music.

This is like the Hip Hop Super Friends/Rap Justice League joining forces in the name of the music and on the strength of the respect they have for Dame. This compilation is gonna be sick, you wait and see. Here go a few of the webisodes.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby Lotion

Over the summer my man EJ from Dear Whoever put me on game to this baby lotion video on youtube. All bullshit aside, i think it's pretty beautiful how as black people we wield some what of a natural talent to form anything from nothing at all, much like this song and dance which was more than likely improvised by the STUDENTS performing it. I'm not one for softshoeing and cakewalking, but I don't see the blackface in this at all. In no way, shape or form does this take me to the minstrel show, however everyone doesnt feel the same way as me and my conglomerates.

"This is coonery & buffoonery at it's finest, and the fact that U defend it just PROVES once again, that the music was inherited by a DUMB generation that has badly dropped the ball & made a mockery of the culture of hip hop & black music in general.

You're nothing but clowns in black-face, who've provided white amerikkka with a safari-like adventure, where they can watch dumb, geechie ass n***** like U, debase themselves & the dignity of our music & community.."

Upon seeing this, my boy proceeded to tear this guy a new asshole in a very intellectually charged argument. I on the otherhand have something a little bit shorter to say than my mans did...These are kids on a COLLEGE CAMPUS (what college? idk). That being said, they're seeking some form of enlightenment in an aid to better assist them in their lives to come. I'm tired of all these "it aint Hip Hop unless it sounds like Blackstar" ass niggas...better yet, I'm tired of these niggas that prefer to shine light on the subjectively negative things that positive people produce. Fact of the matter is, Mr. Blackadam06, these are kids that probably come from suburbs/farms/urban communities across America trying to make something of themselves, while at the same time having fun without the Delores Tucker stick up their asses. So fuck off, because I'm almost 100% sure that if these niggas ran in ur crib masked up and strapped, you'd wish they only "made modern day minstrel show videos".

My advice is simply let the kids be kids and before you say something about them lissen to the older generations music (The 50's had songs about backrubs and taking baths) and think about the times where your mother probably kicked in your door with riot gear screamin, "Turn that ignorant Busta Rhymes/Nas/Mobb Deep/Outkast shit off, makin black people look bad with those big pants on. Just a bunch of noise, aint no singing. Where's the music!?".

In the end, maybe you don't like it because you aren't the intended weren't susposed to like it, and this isn't as political as you tried to make it. Johnson and Johnson is universal you stupid twat stick. Go learn how to nurture a younger generation, because IF we dropped the ball somebody has to assist in picking it up before the opposing fastbreak gets going. Jock my 15 page August Wilson thesis nigga. Oh yeah, I'm in college too, not paying a dime. Sorry for dropping the ball.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wus Gucci G*Two?

i only fuck wit real niggas. G*Two is one of few niggas that fits in that category. This nigga's thorough, he's a wordsmith and got mad jewels to drop. The track comes from his Suns Out Guns Out LP (one of my favorites this year) that dropped over the summer. Sadly, I got tied up with all this other shit and never got a chance to listen to it the way i wanted. Then 2 months, a blunt, a bottle of evian later my ears received a blessing. One Man Army had me sold on this nigga already. I aint met him yet, but he from the DMV and i definitely have to make a track with him. A joint for real niggas only. So if u walkin around icegrillin niggas wit a Norface thong under your jeans this shit aint for u. Nuff said.


Monday, December 7, 2009

I know its kinda early but....

the new year is steadily approaching and I wanna review my year in 2009 really kwik.

January- i missed the Obama Inauguration back home in DC, kinda on purpose. I cant deal with 4 million tourists in my city trying to catch the train and taking pictures of all the shit that i've become desensitized to (monuments and museums) from seeing all my life.

February- took my first flight, destination East Lansing, Michigan. That was my first time leaving the east coast too. Went up there to chill wit my girl the weekend before our 11th monthiversary (made that up). First real valentine too. High school was the skirt chasin era.

March- The struggle my nigga.....shit was tuff. had a crib in west philly, niggas was late on bills cuz, none of us could find internships, food was scarce. Washer n dryer was floodin the basement, hot water was off, then the water was off all together and to top it all off....i was sober becuz i didnt have an internship yet smh. Cigarettes would then come into play (no bueno). I did however get my first glimpse of Amber Rose tho =)

April- Same shit...and my birthday. 20 is a blessing.

May- A young nigga finally got a gig. Shit was a blessing, but my money was far too long fucked up to get back on top of my shit again. All prioritized cakes in my wallet. shit was thee worst

June- I left Philly and went back home on the 26th. Broke up wit my girl the same day (got back together a week later), then went hard on Carribean Day Weekend wit my brothers. 2 days later (despite some harsh news) me, lady une, and Hip went in on life. June 28,2009 set the precedent for the rest of my summer.

July- I really dig the travelin thing. This time me, my kween and her mother took a trip to NC. My first time in the south. I wake n baked and went in the back yard and play with wolves. I got my internship in DC too. Made some money and got a lil fresh for the season. Got my chest tat a lil earlier that month too. Swaggin on these niggas in a v-neck erryday lol. Stuntacious, I made sure ppl was gon see my shit.

August- I started workin out again. My shit was on point til like Mid October when i stopped lol. I stacked a few coins too. Blew that shit on CDs and a Blackberry.

September-Sadly, i spent most of September talking about Kanye simple ass at the MTV awards. When i came back to school in Philly, my homegirl WiMo put me on game to this dope ass spot in Fairmount Park and lecture was already being skipped on park trips.

October- I introduced my man EJ to WiMo and we instantly became a team. TFY Ho. HD Since Day One. My girl came to visit me up in Philly for Halloween wknd and guess wut...the wretched period reared its hideous head. That was thee L!!

November- Classes n midterms. I got my work-study in the math office and i realized how much I've been neglecting The Vagabond Speaks once again. Sorry guys. HD posts comin soon.

December- Hundreds of jays and -40 lbs later i reach now, and I'll try my best to keep up with my blog. Sorry once again.

Let's see what 2010 got in store for me and my team. Hopefully more money, brocolli and bigger music; but looks like we have to wait n see.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the Season...

The Vagabond's Holiday Gift List

if anyone wants to get me a christmas gift here are a few of my needs/wants

1) new coat
2)navy nats cap
3)phonebill money
4)P**** (only from the kween, no one else is welcome there)
5)cotton candy kush
6)some beats

AKZion Figures the Mixtape Coming Soon