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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Hair

Setting: Blackout BBQ, today around 4 o'clock. A big group of black people at my skool i never met before, doing black people things (enjoying food, frollicking, playin music, playin spades, talkin n shytt)soundtrak:

Me: (lookin around at wus goin on) Man we some beautiful ass people son
(niggas nod n agreeance). Ay maurice u need a haircut son (group laffter).

Moe: U need one too nigga

Me: thus me wearin this hat, but i got that good shytt. I got african n me. (crackin a joke, but dead ass serious)

Chick: wut afrikans u kno got good hair.....

(silence....she got me started)

Me: brainwash...fuck dat. i got good ass afrikan hair. u see wyte people tryna get cornrows and locks now. thats afrikan shytt. and they can't flex it right, cuz they hair aint built for that son.


Me: People always tryna look like us. It's a reason mufuckas go tanning kid. Mufuckas don't go tannin jus because. It's a reason wyte joints gettin ass injections and lip injections. it's a reason they gettin ribs removed to b curvier. that shytt aint jus because. u think people rock OUR styles jus cuz. If Pharell rocked a koofi, i bet u'll c wyte boys gettin koofies leff n rite. We the most sought after beings on this fuckin planet yo. No matter where we go we hated, but more imitated than anything. people go out on a damn limb tryna b us(niggas noddin summore) real talk son.

ay son, blak people do the Nalij. keep ur eyes open, these images don't fall on blind eyes. Errthing is rite n front ur phaces. Aknalij it.
Peace to Allah, the father.
I really b feelin like this kid
race matters. good ass book. Cornel West is the man

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