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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Execution of these Lawz

Back n July, my man G Christ (yall may know him as Nate Grey, Kennef or Black Jesus) put me up on this book by Robert Greene; The 48 Laws of Power. This would become a book that i would never be able to sit down and put energy into reading from front to back. So i pretty much read it on and off, usually in between school, homework reading, running errands, living my life, and talkin to my kween.

About 2 weeks ago, i found myself reading some more of these laws after cleaning my crib (u gotta preserve ur spot yo). So i flipped thru a few pages and skipped from law 17 (what i had read up to) and landed on at the beginning of law 25 (recreate yourself)...ok it's about that time. I'm 19 years older, I'm an artist, I'm a kalij student, I'm a representative for the underpriviledged kids of DC, and it's about time I add sumfin else to that to make myself a bit more of a better off person.

Maybe it's about time i make an investment into a new craft to add onto my long list of others. Maybe it's about time i take on a new mantra to get in my zone. Maybe it's about time i splash more seeds, thas always a good investment...Healthy FUTURE. Nothing is certain yet, but i expect to make some changes as well as add some things to myself.

First thing first. My Fizikal: It's about time i get some new frames (these glasses are pissing me off...and these are the back up pair that i didnt like anyway). I'm a business student, so it's about time i step up my collection of grown man clothes (i been sayin this for the longest, sadly i haven't had too much of a surplus lately, the recession is hittin me hard like the nex guy) and sooner or later (most likely sooner than later ) i'm gonna have to chop down my goatee :-(. My eyes are gonna have to clear up too. These are just a few things amongst many that i've been concidering.

As far as the intangible changes are concerned, you'll c as i execute them at some point n the future. These changes gon b a lot more powerful especially with me involuntarily practicing law 16 up here in Philly, away from home. I'm gon read 25 a few more times for a bit more clarity. Until then the Vagabond says peace...Obama '08, get up and make change y'all.
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