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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does Anybody Appreciate this No More

So I wake up n thro the iTunes on. First song, is a song iForgot iHad. It's this Beanie Sigel joint "Get Down" off the Reason album. After a second iRemember y this is my favorite Beans album and go to the first track "Nothin Like It", hands down one of his most Lyrical joints. After gettin thru a few of my favorite joints i go to Worldstar and see the wackest mufucka iEver seen grace a mic...Gucci Mane...and iGo how the fuck u 30 years old and ain't got nuffin on a track worth repeatin. And this aint no hatin on the souf shyt. As far as this rap shyt goes iBangs wit the south hard. It's a lot of northern niggas thas wack too, like Ron Brows, Max B, Yayo, and French Montana.

Lyricism needs to come back soon. I sincerely can't think of a song on the radio thas worth recitin. These rap niggas is ass with the exception of a very fine few. I aint got nuffin to look forward to this season aside from Asher Roth, Rick Ross and Jadakiss's album releases

Like, u dont got to b the most lyrical mufucka ever, cuz its a few rappers that b too concerned wit tryna go over niggas heads n they audience b a big ass group of emo ass wyte buls that sit n basements and smoke haze thru glassware and lissen to Slug n Atmosphere or Sage Francis corny ass. My issue is them mufuckas that dont realize the importance of lyrics at all....Who actually kno the lyrics to "Stanky Leg"....thought so. In the meantime lissen to some of this good shyt.

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