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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hipnosis- T.H.C. (The Hipnosis Chronicles)

I urge u all to download the free mixtape, T.H.C. now. My brother Hipnosis put a lot of work and dedication into this tape. A lot of Blood Sweat and Tears. This is one of his comin to age mixtapes that's a lot more personal than he has ever been on records, expressing his visions of the night scene driving through dc; his views on the state of HipHop; Love; and Money during the time of Recession. Though, I appear on 2 tracks (Paper Trail and Super Wavey Rmx) my opinion is unbiased as possible. On a 5 star scale this tape gets a very sturdy 4.5.

Be Sure to lissen to the Bonus Track by Cammy D.

B sure to follow instructions

1 split the dutch
2 break the herb
3 roll the L
4 light
5 burn

Peace and Blessings

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