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Sunday, November 9, 2008

happy, sad, freezing, summer?

Ok...this may seem odd, but do we have emotions because we always had them or did we develop them outta necessity. I dont necessarily believe emotions arent important, if we aint have em life would be pretty damn grey. But still, sometimes i wish things like stupid ass people didnt have emotions. By stupid ass people, i mean people that have nothing positive to offer the world. If they werent here we'd b a lot better off.

On the other hand without these stupid ass people, we wouldn't know what makes the better emotions so good...yeah, like people in Alaska dont come out every morning and go "my god it's cold", because they may not have a warm to compare it to...maybe i'm mistaken, but i hope my drift is caught.

I think i need to think more on this and come back and write a follow up...keep an eye open.

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