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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home Studios....

So a few nights ago while cleaning, high off of cleaning supplies (thas what happens when u clean wit windows closed...stupid me) i started reflectin on an old conversation i had wit my man Ceph-One. A while back my man was like "yo Ak, for all the good the home studio has done, it's done just as much bad..." This statement came completely outta left field following an awkward gap in a conversation we was having about the affect of marijuana and how it helps make beter cartoons (!?...some shyt like dat).

I stopped and thought in great amazement like, "fuck that come from?"

He was like, "It's good that we got it, but look what it did for Soulja Boy..."

So now I'm thinkin about it a bit more, and it's like damn.... I get to make my own shytt without payin a hourly price for studio time, but at the same time a lot of wack ass kids got the same luxury of the home studio. I'm glad and very grateful to have the minimal shyt i need to record and it's affordability, it's my job and i love it. However, this makes such things available to everybody, even them gump ass rappers makin 1...2....5 (no nothin niggas) music and (months l8r with no effort) selling mils; not to say that I do this for pay, but it would be nice to start a career outta this at some point in my life...preferably now (college is pissin me off)

Now don't take this the wrong way, and i say this in the least elitist way possible, but at times i feel like the home studio is fuckin up HARD. I'm like, "I plan on making a career of this. Mr. Maker of Affordable Home Recording, why are u making my dreams so affordable to everybody else? Why do they do subpar shytt and get deals for they shytt, meanwhile I'm sweating in an unairconditioned room tryin not to let my mic pick up the sounds of the fan, and going at heights to hang up quilts to kill ambience.

Why do bullshyt studio gangsters make music in they million dollar closets n the hills get on...them niggas gon inherit money, fuck they need the Def Jam advance for...

not to sound salty, cuz i aint done payin dues yet, but i think more then half the niggas in XXL Show and Prove section are lames that turned to rap cuz they couldn't sell crack no more or got tired of saying ignorant shytt and not gettin payed for it....idk

I'm about to step out and try to find somebody wit the new Beyonce. I bet she more gangster than half ur favorite rappers out here, only difference she was born wit a twat, when half these niggas is jus twats.

Iight I'm gone...i'll be back

Big Ak the Vagabond signin out...


  1. yung its nothingggg wrng with going or being an underground artist. you affiliate yourself with more people, you find your heaven somewhere.

  2. mos def, i dont mind being underground at all, but i want this to make money eventually. i don't mind bein indie, but even in the independent game nobody gets on from props anymore, its all about who u kno. nah mena. im happy wit my music n being broke, it jus bothers me that im actually talented while less talented niggas cash in