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Monday, May 4, 2009

Dear Ricky Hatton

First n foremost all respect due to my nigga EJ The Mailman

Dear Ricky Hatton,

Fuck u and ur career and every one of those inbred UK mufuckas that support u. Ur a fat ass, goin into camp at 195 pounds when u fight at 140. U never beat anybody worth bragging about beating aside for Kostya Tzu, because u looked at his nuts for like 4 seconds and punched him in them 2wice! Fuck those Brittish judges and the Brittish Referee that didn't mark u any points in a dirty ass fight wear u lowblowed and punched on the breaks and headbutted.

U got knocked out by Floyd Mayweather, not sayin Floyd don't got knock out powers, but he's a finesse fighter that breaks his hands in virtually every fight. His gloves are practically pillows and he rocked ur shyt down to the canvas.

Then u call urself bein slick in fighting Pacquiao, a featherweight that walks around at 130 pounds, and u prolly thought he'd b slower cuz of the weight gained....wrong! Hang up ur gloves and spit out ur mouth piece u fag piece of shyt. U never were a good fighter, and who ever gassed up should get tazered in the mouth!.


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  1. LMAO.... there were abt to be problems, nigga... haha