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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's Talk Cash par Deux

Yessuhday after a great interview, an hour long interview, iFinally got my internship! Super siced. On Monday i start my job at the DLC office at my skool. Salary.....3 grand a monf....thas like $18.75 an hour. Nigga I'm gon b cakin this season! Finally get to get what i want and have a lil left over!!! I been waitin for this for a minute now! Expect to c me buyin more fitteds! My MPC 500! Some more music! And i'm gon press some copies of my next project to sell at shows! I might get my Microphone rosary too maybe a watch, but don't think im gon go n get wreckless with my money tho. But iWill have a good time with it.

PS: When the G2 come out?

Jock my 59Fifty Game

Gimme Some Time...then i'm gon say Jock My Beat Game


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