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Friday, September 4, 2009

My Response to the Maia Campbell Videos

In recent days a new video of Maia spazzin out in a car (of which i am not posting for dignitary reasons) has surfaced on the internet (aside from her topless singing video a while back). After watching the video it's easy to cross judgement on her and make her out to be a monster and a nasty person. However, what many people don't know is that Maia Campbell (daughter of author Bebe Moore Campbell, whom i've had the pleasure to meet b4 her passing) has a mental illness. Her mom's memoir 72 Hour Hold is based on her relationship with her daughter (in the book she isnt identified by name or relationship) and the effects of her illness on the family, their relationship and the harsh reality that surrounds Maia's world.

I'm not exactly sure what she has, but fact of the matter is for anyone to consciously play onto sumone's disabilty is sick, disgusting, despicable, deplorable and flat out wrong. How dare you? I, for the record, do not suffer from a mental disorder; never in my life has it been a reality to me until about a few months ago, upon discovering that someone very close to me suffers from the hardships of a mental illness. I value them the same and in return i gain trust and i see that little by little they're gaining strength and overcoming hurdles that their disorder throws in their way, and despite setbacks i see them get frustrated....dust off and try back to climb their mountain in a hope to one day hail from the top with a sense of accomplishment in knowing that they made it.

Maia's situation, may be a little different from the person i'm familiar with, but i'm left to wonder where her family and friends are to help her. I realize that this is a hard road to trailblaze alone, and if any of my readers have done so i commend you, for i see that even with a support system its still not easy. The cautions that they face are still very much prevalent and risks are still high.

My heart and prayer goes out to Maia Campbell (and anybody else in her situation) in wishing that she becomes healthier and stays safe from the monsters that are mental disorders. In the meantime y'all should do the knowledge and learn to see people for who they genuinely are before beginning to pass judgement. It's not fair to anyone to have to deal with those kinds of pains while we (yes, we) run around ignorant of someone else's reality and assuming the kind of being they are. We should all take a moment to remove ourselves from ourselves and take a look at the world in third person, as far away from personal biases as possible and then maybe we'll discover a key part in unity through mutual and genuine understanding.


and to my friend, everything will get better. iLove you


  1. I was tryin 2 post my pic earlier but my bullshit internet @ skool was lunchin but neway...
    This is very sad & far from funny. The assholes who put it up should be ashamed of themselves instead of thinking they made an embrassing joke about an actress. She has a mental illness and it's nothing funny about that. My friend has a mental illness and the hell she goes though with it is far from funny. But she deals with and live life. And its a struggle for her and she gets help from her family, true friends like myself and her boyfriend. I can see the same pain in Maia in the video and it's sad that instead of trying to help her control her illness and getting off of drugs if she is on them, they try to make funny out of it. Maia is in my prays and I pray for the assholes to b/c they need help too. She needs a strong person in her life to help her overcome this battle. I hope she gets it before she ends up hurting herself or others. Truth spoken well Mikey!

  2. In reading your words, I truly have a new respect for the man you have become. YOur compassion and understanding of the mentally challenged show that your heart is pure and that you truly understand people who are under the assault of their own mind. Each one of us may one day come under this assault at one time, and the lesson is we are all spirits living in human bodies searching for our way home. Continue, my son, in your search for truth, continue to speak your heart, for it is really a rarety to meet a brother with a heart and a soul that knows the light. 11 11 is your guide Bless you