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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pet Peeve: Express Grocery Lines

Two days ago after a good workout, me n my boys went to the Giant to buy groceries. I don't really want too much of anything, just some 2% milk so i can rehydrate wit a bowl or 2 of cereal. After i grab the half gallon carton i make my way to the line....the express line, where only 3 people are in front of me. All with their carts filled with about 20 real ass grocery items and i think to myself....that's not express.

Pardon me if i'm wrong, but i don't think 15-20 items should be concidered express. That's enough to last you for the week. As i sat there and watched errbody wit these full ass carts in the express line in comparison to me with this one lil carton of milk, i wondered who designed the guidelines for this line and if they had a thesaurus when they did it. My whole thing is if i'm behind 3 people in the "express line" i shouldn't have to stand in line for more than 5 minutes. While it's takin everybody else about 5 minutes a piece to get their stuff rung up, bagged and paid for; I was in it out in like 45 seconds (if that long) when i got to the front of the line.

If ur gonna create sumfin and name it after the ideal it's based on....then make sure the damn ideal fits the reality of the situation....jus sayin, i coulda sat in the regular line for all that. Maybe, im just impatient....but i'd assume the EXPRESS line was for the people that didn't have enough patience to wait in the REGULAR line. Epiphany, lower the express line to a five item limit or sumfin, i mean damn. I don't want to hang around a grocery store. I just want to buy my XXL mag, milk, or whatever single item i grab and be able to get thru an express line.....expressly.


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