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Friday, August 21, 2009

Updates as Far as my Art's Concerned

As u may kno this summer i've started projects, put thought into potential projects, negotiaated about projects that've been in the making for 3 years and slated projects to be put to the side. So Lemme give yall the down low on how this might (keyword) go down.

The AKZion Figures EP

***This was susposed to b the follow up to my pretty well received AKZionz ReAKZion mixtape (roughly 1,000 downloads to date; DL from the top of my blog). I posted videos on Vimeo and Youtube in search of beats. Some of which worked, most of which didn't at all concidering the sound i was trying to go for. In the wake of me coming back to DC from Philly this summer, me and my brother Hipnosis came up with the grand idea to follow up last springs mixtape Brothas in Arms. This was to be our reassurgence into raw mixtape rap. Jackin beats and ownin em. Puttin raw lyricism into perspective. This was susposed to be the third Mixtrape in Hipno's triloigy of mixtrapes this summer, with the title "I'm Hip: Brothas in Arms 2". However this project took a backseat to another "T.H.C." (The Hipnosis Chronicles) based Mixtape wit the brother Sol Zahran. I just wrote my first verse for this project yesterday and this should be pretty interesting to people that've heard my music. I'm gon b doin some experimenting wit this EP. Bare with me, lissen wit ur heart not wit ur ears.

BNA 2 Comin Soon/AKZion Figure EP Comin Sooner

Tha Vagabond Staxx Mixtape w/ G5 Clive

***Me and Clive got one song in the can for this project. As far a release goes, this joint could possibly hold off for a while conciderin his "Reign Check" project he been puttin a lot of time into. I got the chance to hear a few traks from it and GYYAAAAAAAAAAD DAMMMMNNNN!!!!! Clive mos def might have a spot on my tape, but since its an EP i'm gon try to shy away from features unless i REALLY bang wit the artist or i need a hook.

Ay Clive we need More Flicktures Together Moe

The Bronze Brotherhood: Wolverine vs. Collossus (Uptown X-Men)

*** Me and my brother Nate Grey, formerly known as K-Rob The Black Jesus, been had this joint in mind. This project been in the works for the past 2-3 years and we aint got a damn track yet lol, but a whole lot of thoughts. I like workin wit Nate (We don't do much together, got like 3-5 joints), but he's a visual artist and a visualizer. He's colorful and brings an energy out of every artist that I've seen him work with. We been planning this more this summer than ever,but still not much. I think i might buy him a Amtrak joint to Philly for a week sumtime this fall/winter and we gon bang it out in my dorm room and live off the land like John Rambo. This should be thee most interesting project that i would've laid hands on up to date. Keep a look out.

Me, Nate n Kiara afta the M1 Show @ Expo 8/2009

Me n Nate in Winter 2006

I'm gon keep yall posted as I always do and like the man I've always been, I won't disappoint y'all

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