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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Go Die at Home

So this terrorist that blew up a plane in Ireland with over a hundred people aboard (Among those on the plane were a slew of American passengers; not that them being American matters, a death is a death) get's released from prison because he's dying of cancer.....So they sent him to home (where he'd b accepted as a hero, as portrayed by the media) to die.....

They couldn't do that for Tookie Williams...and he allegedly killed 3 people in a convenience store in LA store. This isnt to say that if Tookie did commit the murders, he wasnt wrong. Murder is Murder, however how can anyone commit such a big crime against humanity, such as bombing a plane and walk away in the end?... Politics as Usual. Let it Marinate

R.I.P. Stanley "Tookie" Williams
R.I.P. The 3 People in the Store and Those on the Plane
And to the Terrorist....may ur god have mercy on ur sick soul


1 comment:

  1. I guess there really isn't true justice here on Earth. Judgement Day will come though...