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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Artwork on the Temple

So i'm talkin to my girl Jocelyn on skype. My shirts off and she asks wus my tattoo say across my chest. i tell her what it says in italian then i say it n english. Jocelyn is lowkey bubbly n fly, she like the '09 Holly Golighty.

She goes " wow that's so sweet, did they appreciate it or did they (goes into her suburban ass parents voice) well u coulda jus told us!!".

And i said" yeah, errbody liked it. except my grandmother. like i kno that she appreciates the gesture, but hates that its a tattoo. she be on that bible shyt wit it. Dont destroy ur temple. I'm like i'm an artist. im not gon get kno bullshyt done on me. im gettin art work im designin my temple. My Temple is gettin decked out. Let me do me. Destruction is all in one's perception in this sense."

Once a shorty said "when u get old its gon get all old and saggy." and i said "i can give a fuck, it had its time jus like i did. atleast its still significant. i aint gon have no saggy bull shyt on me. I'll wear my saggy significance anytime.

fuck wit my ink