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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Basket Ball Jones

It's been a second since i blogged on a personal level. Pardon, my absense y'all. I'm really trying not to make my blogs so far and in between. Just bare with me.

In my absense i found a song and video from Cheech and Chong called "Basketball Jones". The video is handsdown the greatest expression of a rose growing from concrete I've ever seen in my 20 years living.

This video takes on a lot of stereotypical images of black americans but in a sense i feel like it's a necessary part of the story. Like this kid comes from a piece of shyt neighborhood if i've ever seen one. Police cars everywhere, delapidated housing is apparent and there's a nigga stealing a T.V. And there comes the young Basketball Jones. He's alone, singing alone and as the story goes on more and more people come on his side and the band even gets bigger.

He never had anything at all, except basketball and it took him to the championship, and then took him to become bigger. He in the end grows to b on top of the world, all from doing sumfin that he luvd and used to escape his poor past out of necessity.

This is heavily related to HipHop if u ask me. This poor kid from the projects rises above the odds and makes it out. He talks shyt abt how great he is at ball. It's all he ever had, how dare he play and not beast out on everything in site. It's like the Jay- Z story if u ask me. The super come-up, and then he got to a point where nobody could tell him anything. He brought the whole world together doing sumfin he was great at and despite how fucked up his story is, fact of the matter is that he made it out and gave back to them all.


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