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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jus my 2 cents

Concidering all of the beneficial products that could be made from hemp (a product that comes from the marijuana plant), i dont feel like marijuana should be illegal. It would save trees (no pun intended) as it can be used to make paper, foods, clothing, body oils and many other things as well. For those of you who may not know, you can NOT use Hemp to get high. Since marijuana is illegal, hemp is illegal as well.

If marijuana is made federally legal, it would most definitely cut back on crime and it could boost our economy moving us out of the recession in a short matter of years. The War on Drugs has failed. Concider how much money goes into patrolling for drugs and the court fees for the prosecution of the violators (some of which have never committed a violent/unethical crime in their life). Now concider how many marijuana users are in the nation....I'm not talking about making it medically legal, I'm talking about making it full on legal. As of yet there are no definite long term health risks that scientists have found linked to marijuana use, unlike nicotine and alcohol.

I've never heard of any marijuana induced casualties in the U.S., nor have i ever seen anyone get wreckless with any authority figures due to marijuana use (imagine a pothead stoned out of his mind tryna fight cops cuz "the weed made him do it"). Marijuana has been medically legalized in over 10 states in the U.S., but its still a crime under Federal statute. Give me a break, "Prozac only makes you kill take this prescription, and if the police pull you over and find your Prozac show him your prescription. Its very much federally legal.

In our nation, drugs are classified by levels of how dangerous they are. Marijuana is placed in the same classification as heroin?! Prove it....nuff said. I'm not writing this post as a user of marijuana, nor as a far left winged liberal minded artist, but instead as a logical young mind in a time of recession and constant contradiction.

Vagabong....(cough) Vagabond.....gone (i leave u with a song)

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