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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Soon to Be on the Milk Box

XXL Magazine has a small section in the mag where a rapper that's fallen off (or disappeared) is on a Milk Box. It's located near the Negroe Please segment and the Step ur Rap Game Up segment. Well Here are a few Rappers to soon b on the Milk Box. Sad thing is some of these cats (not most) could actually rap.

*Cam'ron (where is cam'ron youtube it)
*Young Dro (fuck he go)
*Hurricane Chris (angry puppy lookin ass)
*V.I.C. (lame as hell)
*MIMS (so not as hot as u said u was)
*J-Kwon (Raekwon stole ur name!? nigga u lost)
*Jibbs (Wish u woulda saved the money on ur Chain hangin low huh?)
*and more than likely a few other rappers i failed to mention

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