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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 the year of the Lyricist (Hip did this 1st)

Okay 2008 recap.

*Yung Berg flopped
*Gucci Mane went back to jail
*Soulja Boy flopped
*Charles Hamilton appeared
*Wale got signed ( i think that was '08, DC stand up)
*L.A.X. dropped (Game at his best in my opinion)
*8 of the Emcees on XXL's Freshman 10 (tho not some of my favorites) are bringing some form of intelligience back to Hip Hop.

My prediction for 2009 is that the lyricist is gonna rise once again, however i hope it's here to stay. Back in 2003 u had that lil "backpack rap" phase wit Kanye and Common (Electric Circus) where the majors tried to put forth the educated "uppity negro" as the steam engine for Hip Hop.

Ludacris is back to his roots and is in rare form, Saigon is set to release Greatest Story Never Told (...eventually), Jadakiss is set to release Kiss My Ass, and The Clipse are gonna follow up their XXL rated commercial failure (a bit short of gold, great album tho) Hell Hath no Fury. I might b forgettin sumfin, but for the most part 2009 is the year where Hip Hop wont let us down.

AKZionz ReAKZion comin soon
Hipnosis' Mental Therapy comin soon

-Vagabond Ak signin out

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