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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tabi is DOPE!

So this is my first real dose of Tabi. I'm in the middle of his DOPE album and so far, this shyt knocks. I'm a fan of lyrical Hip-Hop, however Tabi aint the most lyrical mufucka on the planet, but I'm all for DMV unification, and word is the album was hot, so i don't mind spendin my lil 10 bucks on iTunes for the album.

So now i'm sittin hear halfway thru the album and this shyt really is DOPE. Flow-wise as well as productionwise Tabi has a sound that's most definitely distinguishable from the monotony of a lot of what's going on in the Hip Hop Arena now. This shyt is like spaceman music, that good ass Cadillac Truck destination Mars shyt, that Good let's walk to the moon shyt. That good ol'....ok u get the deal. Jet Setter is tha best shyt ever moe. Any music fan should get they hands on this. DMV Unification yo, support ur own DC, support ur own. n the year 2G9, DC Shines.

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