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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flowers, Birds, C.S. Lewis...and Shackles!?

(the theme song for this blog is secondary protocol by wildchild

* I'm getting old....19 creepin up on me, and i'm gettin college fat lol. i stopped workin out to dedicate time to math101 n still failed ain't that a bitch.

-las nite i was buildin wit Jenna, one of my kweens. i really appreciate how she take it upon herself to holla at me on AIM since my fone got yanked. I luv her to deff and wish her nuffin but the bess. She got that voice like somebody mother, it's nurturing as hell. I luv her voice, i really notice that since i lost my jack and can't hear it no more.

*Hipnosis is my nigga. My bestfriend. I really respect him and his work ethic. In the past 3 years we watched each other become men. I think his name might be my seeds middle name or sumthin. He holdin it diddown for gangsta cakes (his god daughter).

-I got my first splash of permanent art back in November. I'm thinkin of my next few joints. A back spread is expensive. I think I wanna get my calf done next. It's gon b birds, flowers, this C.S. Lewis quote about manhood and childhood, and a shackle. This is a liberation piece. Like my liberation shackle of sorts (disregard how it's an oxymoron).

*I'm not a black nationalist or nuffin like dat, but my History 163 class is bullshytt so I'm gon say bullshytt as much as I can in this lil block America being the land of the free is bullshytt unless ur white. The white man being the saviour of the world is bullshytt, it aint a culture he ain't stolen from or pillaged entirely. bullshytt history class with a bullshytt teacher. History should be taught from a poor minority persepctive...unless its that way ur gon get bullshytt shoved in ur brain and down ur throat. (doesn't taste too good class is disgusting).

-I'm directing all of my excess energy to create now. My mic is coming soon. Can't wait yo :-D. Siced as shytt boy

*I'm tired of obviously grown men sayin "I'm on my grown man shytt" fuckin DERRRRRR!!!!! Ur a grown man.

-Tabitha u the fuckin man son lol. Luh u like family. Barely kno u, but u remind me of hi skool soooooo much. That was a wonderfu era in my life. U one of the only people here that understands me (prolly cuz u not a civilian [non-artist]). U r appreciated son...shotgun (inside)lol
wuddup Jenna. thanx for keepin me outta tha matrix. I'm already surrounded by fake, i need ur real.

Hipno, wuddup king. Like I said, all we got is us. Great minds click like seatbelts son.

This nigga aint do a damn thing for black people in America. Do the knowledge and u'll c wussup.

Goofy ass Tabitha

Gorgeous ass Tabitha lol...shotgun

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