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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


How come:

>Heathens want to get all religious on u when u tell them u aint christian.

>Girls pick the same DUMB ASS niggas over and over and then wanna say all men are jerks...All men aint jerks, u just wasted ur first round draft pick three seasons str8.

>they still call them blackboards when they green now

>Niggas b wantin to loaf when u serious

>Birds walk...u got wings nigga, fuck u walkin for

>butch lesbians b lookin more manly than me, like i'm talkin bout beards an all that

>Good people r so often overlooked

>I'm always the nigga that gotcha back, but u b actin all ??? when u chillin around ur wack ass friends

>some of y'all take advantage of me havin ur back, that shytt b makin me look like a bully sometimes

>niggas dont rapp like they used to in '94

>bitch niggas become bloods and crips and never get exposed for bein bitch made...nigga i knew u when we was 11, my man took all the Charizards out ur pokemon deck, and i got at u in 9th grade by the cafeteria steps. dont remember that do u?...didnt think u would

>good girls are so hard to find in dc, and all the aiight ones b dumb as hell

>how come u 30 years old and listen to all "Hip-Hop", but never heard of Kool G Rap

>lil wayne b soundin like he just learned to read

>Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 aint out yet

>Rich niggas b askin broke niggas to change they 50s and 20s...

>I'm the only nigga in my hood thats leavin for kalij

>we can cry in front of eachother but nobody else

>The Brisket Tape was such a ill ass album, i h8 u chops, settin the bar n shytt lol

>u post pictures of urself wit gunz's all good son, go ahead and get indicted if u want to.

>loafin niggas even loaf when they bein proactive

>That cute mixed girl loves the help a nigga give her, but dont b respondin to me no more...!?...I hope she aiight

>im 18 and still aint got around to hittin up a strip club yet

>girls b wantin to tell u thay like u at the last minute; nigga im bout to go to kalij, u woulda been betta off keepin that to urself.

>niggas b actin like girls and get mad when u treat like such

>They let the terminator win the election, come on pay attention lol (i had to get that one out)

**Feel free to add on**
**B ready for pt. 2 of this soon**

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