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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Had To Let This Out

so i was layin back las yessuhnite lissenin to this edgar winter song dying to live (the joint eminem sampled for that runnin joint wit big and pac).and the gears n my mind started shiftin. nice song. poured his heart on that page. here go a link to tha song

...i can cook. i cooked for one of my wizzes she loved it. best breakfas she ever had. eggs, grits, and turkey bacon (i don't dine on swine, so it aint no pork on her fork)

i painted one of my pinky nails black as a conversation piece. bitches luv'n it

skool goin aiight i guess. i overslept two joints today tho. my alarm was set for pm instead of am. o well.

nobody here understand me here for real. i wanna go back to hi skool, but it's all good. life moves forward and im at peace wit that.

i got these two birds i chill wit. they cool most of the time. they b doin sum wack shytt too i aint gon lie.

luckily emmaly wild ass is a 10 minute $6 train ride away in Camden, New Jerusalem.

she got a cute roomate, but i aint approachin it like dat. she cool peeps. she indian.

jus got over a 4 week writers block. gotta finish this album now. when banquo get back on trak i gotta hit him for beats

one of my kweens n trainin needs to grow up and realize the sun dont rise and set on her

to all my women out there self esteem is a must. stop dependin on niggas to do shytt for y'all. niggas aint shytt. b happy for u, not because what niggas put in ur head.

to all my niggas (jus dudes period, dont mean u black or hispanic), stop bein bitchmade. fuck ur staxx. u from the burbs takin gun pictures, knowin u won't bust a grape in a winery. bitch ass niggas out here. b real.

niggas b on summ bull shytt. like u got errthing, then u go and fuck it up, knowin what u did was wrong. now u sittin in the back of a squally joint cuz u wanna shoot niggas

Nalij of self and common sense is a must. stop tryna act like rappers cuz u been watchin smack dvd's.

i think this note like that video joint Alektra fine ass did when she was waitin....nah no it aint.. but i fucks wit them joints tho


Ashley Boo got this face she made that i want to be part of my backspread tat.

Big Ak 5'10" 285 who want what. 15 punds shy of the 300 club.

Las weekend i had a long ass talk wit nina from like 2 to like almost 6 in tha am.

Lil wayne is hot, but he aint the greatest rapper alive...thats a title u can't claim that on urself.

...Gillie da Kid is a internet ho. Startin shytt wit Wayne and Cass tryna get a deal. He wont fuck wit Beans like dat. Tone Trump is nice, chek him out. jus got signed to g-unit congrats big homie.

"no no no little buddy i smoke, ur a drug addict." lol

my beard is lookin healthy and im eatin good. what more can i say.

fly ass song if yall still lissenin to it. or played it in the first place.

aiight. i gotta get dressed.

...hungry. chicken caesar salad sounds nice


Alektra, Wuddup SON!? lol
This the face i was talkin bout. U that nigga Ashley. Word is Bon Jovi.

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