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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Return of The Estrogen Series

Niggas that kno me kno about the acclaimed estrogen blogs i used to write on my old myspace joint. well, here go anotha 1. this time its gon b a bit different tho. instead of doing a list, im gon talk on 1 issue that bothers me....ok, here we go.

So las nite i was finishin up some homework, and Hipno called the god. he was mad about a certain song he had heard. i he put the fone to the speaker and said wtf son, look a these niggas, y am i not signed? idk. i heard it but i wasnt lissenin so i got off the fone to get done the task at hand.

afterwards i walked out and i ate this grape fruit, brainfood at its finest and crept back into my room around 1 30 n the mournin. after vibin to a playlist i made for the occassion i started watchin "How High" n it dawned on me to look up this song Hipno played to me.

O My Fuckin God, r u serious son. What the fuck is wrong wit this shytt susposed to be cool or sumthin. idk maybe im late but this lil dumb ass minstrel got a song about being flyy and havin a wack ass report card...and niggas buy this shytt. come on dogg. 13 year old girls lissen to u man. niggas destroyin kweens b4 they can even advance. 13 year old boys lissen to u nigga. u fuckin up kings before they can advance. and when boys think that shytt is cool, they go out and do it and little girls run after lil dumb ass niggas like dat.

idk, but i think this shytt is bothersome yo. niggas com in the game get a bullshytt lil chain and slice they eyebrows up and be the top shytt of the night after they snap a few time and make up some u can't rap for shytt but u at the top of the rapp charts, stealing from real talent like me n my niggas god. get ur money nigga, but u publicized as a millionaire in blackface.

that made the food n my stomach digest kwik as hell. im not mad, iaint hatin, im jus statin the obvious. i feel like a grea painter gettin overlooked because some nigga made his whole canvas black and got rich off of it. there's no artistry in sumthin any nigga can do. anybody can rapp like soulja boy. that niggas a chump. word to everything

peace this AKZionz signin out. I feel like huey from boondocks watchin this shytt. lls, but im dead ass srious. niggas kno. and go see for urself now
...niggas make me sick
I really feel like this nigga, the only difference is age and a haircut.

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