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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hold Up, U mean to tell me that...

Hold Up, U mean to tell me that y'all are so caught up in time u gon go back twenty years in time. Like, AKzionz says do y'all thing but come the fuck on. Y'all niggas should just grab yall rope chains and hang yall selfs. like for real. I'm not bothered that yall dressin like the eighty's, but most of yall niggas was born in '93. damn near everything to do wit the 80s u missed it. U missed Rayful Edmonds, Alpo, AZ, Rich Porter (the crack era) U missed the golden age of HipHop, U missed the AIDS epidemic, U missed Bush and Reagan lol (yung as shytt boi)

Y'all niggas was just pissin in potties when the first playstations came out in '95. y'all missed gigapets and tamigachi watches, and u gon tell me what the 80s look like. I barely made it so I aint gon front on it. '89 all day, 80s baby 90s child nikka. Grimy rapp wit a chewstick lol. if u gon do it, do it big...dress like the 1780's. Grab ur Knickerbockers and corsetts. throw on a thomas jefferson wig nigga. that aint been done yet (and for everyone of yall i c lookin like ben franklin walkin in gallery place or georgetown, i'm sprayin yall wit cyanide). Y'all look like clowns...and stop takin gun pictures and throwin up gang signs yall aint hard!!!

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