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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hip Homophobia (corny but bear wit me)

There's no problem that homosexuality is a part of society in America, whether it's normal or not is another argument that I'm not goin into, but fact of the matter is that it's become more mainstream as people are now growing more comfortable with their own sexuality. Not to say that homosexuality is totally accepted, but it's more accepted then it's ever been despite governments rejecting gay people marriage rights. Sadly in minority communities homophobia continues to peak.

As a blak american i can easily say that for the most part gay people gets no love in the community. Most of which i can easily say is based out of religion, but condemning homosexuality via biblical scripture and religious belief is for example if i'm a adulterer/liar/sinner period i dont have any place condemning somebody elses "imperfection" because i don't fall into their lane.

As a rapper i can easily say that a lot of homophobia is spread by way of something i love, Hip Hop Music. No bullshyt. THere's no denying that Hip Hop artists are constantly put under the gun for homophobic actions, lyrics, and/or remarks....but Lil Wayne kissin a nigga n the mouth gets swept under the rug.

Like all bullshyt aside, the most gangster of these rap niggas got some of the gayest shyt imaginable in they songs and videos. Biggie (hands down one of the gr8est MCs of all times) said a lot of shyt that rose an eyebrow or 2 that niggas swept under the rug...Nigga was talkin about fuckin Ru Paul b4 he smashed X-Scape, and girls lookin so good he'l suck they father's dicks....I'll pass fam. U got niggas n jail yards, super oiled up crowded together rappin wit they shirts offm and even more fagotty than that, u got that rapper that prides hisself on goin to jail, like bein kept from women to shower with men for X years is cool. I luv Hip Hop, but i wouldn't b true to this shyt if i didn't admit that a lot of this shyt has homoerotic undertones.

But yeah, back to the point, niggas is super homophobic in minority communities and then women get mad when niggas is closet after goin in on these niggas (no pun intended)they whole lives...lemme put it like this Homophobia=niggas bein closet=fucked up family situations/chances of STDs gettin spread at a higher rate. BTW, the closet nigga is in the wrong too. That shyt's nasty and irresponsible, but this shyt is a vicious cycle conciderin the heteronorms of the country and the homophobia that surrounds gay people. That bein said, open ur mind and erase the bullshyt that u've acquired along the way to where u were. Gay people are people too. I'm not gay and I'm not an activist for gay rights, this is just sumfin i been meanin to say but aint got around too yet. This post doesn't mean i will stop becoming an informant to the Pause Police on twitter, nor does it mean i will stop sayin no homo, but it's jus me puttin it out there that the whole gay h8n or any h8n for that matter is wrong.


Pouring Champagne on Ur Boys Instead of Video Bitches...PAUSE!!!

Bein Shirtless with ur Arm Around a Nigga U Openly Kiss in the Mouth...PAUSE!!!
Getting Caught in the Act of Being Gay by ur Biggest Fan....EJECT!!!!


  1. notice birdman has a tattoo of weezy on his chest pause.

  2. then they tell you "thats love"

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