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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's Talk Cash

at the end of the day, i still aint got my internship yet, the joint i interviewed for the otherday aint go the way i wanted it too, o well. I prolly woulda turned it down cuz Philly Public Transpo is gay and confusing. Shyt sho nuff is frustratin tho. In the mean time I jus wanna burn one down, but i cant cuz i dont kno if these jobs are gonna b cool or not about it. Aside from takin walks to maintain sanity, I'm stuck wit my hand on the X Box and my eyes on a laptop screen all day tryna find a job. Do any of yall kno rich white people? I lost the business card of someone important, this guy that runs a banking joint outta DC and NYC and Germany. He gave me a scholarship too, this shyt is gay. I need money, i got bills, i got rent, and have no cakeage, I jus wanna live well yo, im about to start gettin on this rap shyt hard. I dont kno wut im don, anybody wanna help me book some shows? Check my mixtape out while ur at it, errbody i kno like it, no bad review yet. I swear, im like 20 minutes away from pullin a mean ass caper on somebody slippin comin outta fresh grocer lmao. Say my name is Chris Brown, wyte people think we all look alike anyway, aside from me bein sinificantly shorter and wider than Chris. I'm gon talk to my kween. she always kno wus right. She need to come to Philly. I really need the TLC..,in the meantime I'm takin my frustrated ass elsewhere. Peaceage

Vagabond Signin Out

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