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Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First Real Valentine


How u changed me dont make sense like exact change
Its like the square fittin n the circle wit my stubborn ass
Its like beauty n the beast wit insecurities
Wit a ace n the hole n a trick n the sleeve
And from the bottom of my heart valentines day is bullshyt
But ur more than a hallmark n chocolate to me
U r the key to my heart shaped locket or some corny artsy shyt like that
And i say some of the most sweetest honeycomb flavored things ever n my mind reciting the most violent rap songs imaginable
and i lay next to u wit my mind runnin from one thing to the next in my mental notes of myriad subtleties
Like tha las kiss and touch and the las time we fucked
And the las time i slipped the condom off and watched ur body curl up....messin my damn sheets up...
Yet i still love u and wonder the makings of u
passin a blunt back n forth wit curtis mayfield on my backyard tryna make the best song for u
Crackin the mac open n seein ur face b4 i kick my day off
And im an asshole
Im aware of that, n u kno wut assholes do...shyt
And u kno wut shyt does...fertilize
So lemme build our garden and pick the pansies out n the spring time and hand em to u on March 2three
When the earth rests on the same place our circle began...wit my square ass

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