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Monday, April 13, 2009

Charlene...not tha Anthony Hamilton Joint

Charlei is Phresh. Peep her Blog yo.
I'm tryna get her on twitter, but she bein dumb ass reluctant lol. But yeah peep her joint Moe.
Songstress and Photographer, mos def a talent in an age of copy and paste creativity.
She that shorty that u been lookin for thas dumb cool, flyy and has a crude sense of humor.
She mos def tha joint u crack jokes wit, drink a glass of Nuvo and laff at Family Guy with.
We was laffin at 1 guy one cup (click at ur own discretion lmao) a second ago lmao.
She said this aint shyt he jus on his period. I almost choked on my salad lmao.
But Yeah Holla at Charlei, she my nigga.
If u bang wit me, u gon bang wit her.

1 comment:

  1. i think im gonna decline the request to twitter. (tweet that shit muhf) hahahaa