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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Potential to B Me (wussup Charlei)

The other Day me and my man Everic was talkin about how the world would be if jus for one hour everyday black people live up to their potential. Of that conversation we spoke of new inventions, cures for ailments, and the advancement of colored people universally.

Fact of the matter is (and i say this as a proud blak boy), we gotta stop blamin other niggas for all of our issues. They're is no doubt that colored people in the world have always had societal issues amongst white people, and they're is no doubt in my mind that the effects of slavery amongst these niggas in the U.S. are still very much in play. I'm from a place in DC where mothers play both rolls...a lot of which have no parenting skills...they're still kids and they continue to fuck wit the BAN (bitch ass niggas), but i see nuffin wrong with dreamin that one day niggas'll peep a source of inspiration (Obama aint enuff) and take shyt into they own hands and stop waitin for other mufuckas to bring them a platter.

Black People i luv y'all. Let's advance.


  1. hahaha
    dude i feel you! i still don't know how -itches (lol) carry one baby on they hip n the other one holding they hand. but the BAN dudes give them the chase and they like it, it's like they become immune to it. its sickening, that kinda shit make my head hurt like, talkin & arguin w. myself hurtin. but honestly i think if everyone would live up to their highest level of potential.....we'll still fall lol as a race and generally as human beings. (too many ego's) some of them don't UNDERSTAND right from wrong and some people are born to be manipulators. think about that =)

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