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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jay Z in the Illuminati

Is Jay Z part of the illuminati? The blogosphere, twitter and niggas all around the world seem to be asking this and making their own assumptions as to whether Jay is part of an evil secret society. What do I think? I don't know and can honestly care less. It just seems to me that controversy sells and as long as niggas got haters, shit like this bein spread is damn near inevitable. I've been a fan of Jay's music since I was 11, not as big a fan now as I was then, but me being a fan has nothing to do with this post. I just want to pose some questions.

If Jay is part of the illuminati what are you gonna do about it?

The most you could do is stop buyin the niggas music and pray for him if thas what you believe in. If he is wit the illuminati he's not gonna admit it....and if he's not in the illuminati he's gonna deny it so....where is all of your proof. Try to look past hand signs and all the other frivolous propaganda that youtube has become a haven for.

If Jay Z is in the illuminati, why does it matter to us?

Jay said it the best on "Heart of the City" where he exclames "What you eat don't make me shit". Taking that into account, why are we worrying about Jay Z's upset stomach? Maybe because as people that grew up in a society where celebrities have more power than jesus/jah/allah and buddha, we put that much value on the personal business of A-Listers and beings that have nothing to do with our personal welfare and/or lives. People are acting like Jay Z has come to speak at their churches and eat at their dinner tables. He doesn't know you. You know of him. You hear the songs, you see him on the shows and for some reason you take that as a form of having some kind of affiliation with the man that makes you comfortable enough to make assumptions and/or repeat shit that the next nigga said.

How many of you anti-illuminati niggas been to an illuminati meeting to see Jay Z in attendance

Well, nuff said. So shut the fuck up and get some actual proof before you try to throw dirt on niggas' names. You're probably the same niggas that aint throw your satanist Jay Z albums and posters away yet.



  1. Jay Z is in the illuminati and you must be as well for defending him. May God have mercy on your pitiful soul

  2. I agree, you're a clown for that one

  3. Both of you are idiots.. To sit there and dwell upon the man's standing in a society that you have no part in shows how vapid your lives really are. And if the ruminations of AKZionz evoke such hatred on your part, perhaps you should evaluate how much worth you put in your ideologies.

  4. OMG i love this post!, Jay z is my dude but people are so quick to follow behind someone else. Clearly people need to sit the hell down and take a history course. If Jay is in the illuminati What are you going to do about it? If he isn't in the illuminati what are you going to do about it? My point exactly Its just a video get over it..BTW Akzionz why didn't you tell me you was in that secret society as well ...LMAO

  5. I find it disturbing that Jay Z was capitalized in this post while Jesus Jah and Allah Buddha were lowercase. That in itself proves you're part of the problem as well, homie.

  6. whether a damn name is capitalized or not doesnt suggest that i'm part of anything. fact of the matter is u spend so much time with ur lips wrapped around sum nigga's dick that u forget that his issues aint ur issues homie. i believe in a higher power, i dont put a face/label on it, nor do i knock anyone for having their own beliefs. If i'm part of the problem, then what the fuck are you going to do about it.......nothing, because you dont know me, so unwrap ur lips from around my dick and go make sure ur people dont become part of the problem that i'm supposedly contributing to. i'm jus a nigga wit a question, and that question is, why are we so worried abt what the next man is doing while we have bigger fish to fry on some personal shit. I'm not part of any secret societies, im jus a poor righteous teacher from norf east, dc. and if me, a 20 year old problem, can tell u that u have ur priorities fucked up by wondering abt the next man and his schemes, then u have a problem my nigga. that bein said, jock my logic ho! and b sure to download my mixtape on ur way out

  7. o yeah, luh u jillian, and ej luh u too bruh

  8. For everyone who has a "problem" with this post...why yall posting anonymously????... I'm just saying.......

  9. Is it really that serious?! I mean I don't see Jay trying 2 start a cult of evil doers who do evil things because that is what evil doer's do. It's just music and if you can't handle it, then guess what?! Turn the damn radio station that plays his music, don't put his music on your iPod, & turn MTV/BET off when they play the video (whenever that may be).

    We have so much to worry about in the world then rather or not Jay Z is illuminati. & rumors are rumors for a reason, it's nothing but hype.

    And to the comments, calling a man a judge and saying that he too is illuminati, who are you to judge? I hope you aren't going around calling yourself Christian and judging to men because of one's lyrics and one's opinion. It's an opinion for a reason, if you don't like it, then put your ears in your pocket and shut up!

    All I'm saying is people need to leave other people alone because they got lucky and are making money. How about we come together and do some positive in the world instead of bringing each other down. Let's build each other up, that's what wrong with the world, we as humans rather put ppl down & so quick to judge then empower each other.
    Like I said, if you don't like then don't listen & don't put your eyes on Jay-Z if you strongly believes that he is the illuminati. Jay-Z is still going to make money and people are still going to buy his music