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Monday, January 11, 2010

Twiggas is Gettin Killed off of Twitter?! smh

WTF young....i just read this article in which a twitter argument allegedly lead to a Harlem man's murder and is being used as evidence in the case. This is what my man Huey Freeman would classify as a Public Technological Nigga Moment. I guess this is the kind of idiocracy that we've let ourselves fall victim to with the convenience of 140 character threats and an ethernet chord. Please people, let this serve as an example that the internet isn't private and if you're going to be making death threats, please shy away from doing so on social networking mediums. It's with a sad soul that I say, we as a people need to do better in an effort to escape the black cloud that years of oppression and dumb shit like twitter murders has cast over us.
"They shoulda never gave you niggas internet!"


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