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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AKZionz on the Disaster in Haiti

In light of the recent disaster's in Haiti, I woke up this morning and put a prayer into the sky and continued to enlighten myself on the situation. Concidering the poverty that the common people of the nation suffer from, this comes to me as an event that knocks 2005's Hurricane Katrina on it's back side.

Looking at this, I realize more and more why I give thanks every morning and continually count my blessings. This is very devastating and I'm curious as to what the official statistics are, but I'm not looking forward to seeing such horrifying figures. My heart and prayer continues to go out to those who have suffered from this horrendous event. Once again, I stress that we all count our blessings and rejoice in what we have as opposed to sulking in what we don't.

*iHave a family
*iHave a home
*iHave food
*iHave clothes

These are just the simple things that we should forever be grateful for in a world where everyone else doesn't have the basic things that we concider to be vital pieces in our lives. Stay strong, stay blessed, and tell ur loved ones that you love them. To all my family (no friends, if i bang witchu u family) i luv yall and I see you all as blessings in my life. Thank you all. Despite the bullshit that i bring to the table of our relationships from time to time, you are all appreciated.


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