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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Latex Law

Shout out to my homegirl Allison for puttin me on to this really good read, that I encourage you all to take a look at. In response to the article I simply have to say, wtf DC. If it's not a little boy getting shot by cops for riding a "stolen bike", cops pulling guns on unarmed snowball fighters, or cops committing hit and runs on "armed suspects" its a-mothafuckin-nother.

Now if you're (women only as iPerceive) caught with more than two condoms in your purse you can be arrested under suspicion of prostitution. Nevermind the fact that the HIV ratio in the nations capital is 1 and 20, it seems like the solution to the issue is arresting women with one too many Trojans in her possession smh. Let's put a few scenarios to work where ladies'll more than likely have more than two condoms on them.

Scenario One: Leaving a Drugstore
Say my girlfriend, lady friend, sister or whatever are leaving a CVS or Rite Aid. Tonights the night and amongst everything they buy they decide to grab a box of rubbers. A few blocks later in her trek to wherever she has to be she's stopped by cops and the condoms are found. Despite a bit of accute embarassment that could possibly come with such a situation, should the law be allowed to further that embarassment by cuffing her and putting her in the back of the squad car on "suspicion"?

Scenario Two: Leaving an HIV Clinic
A young lady enters a center for HIV and STD testing. Upon finding out that she tested negative to all sexual ailments, she's allowed a breath of relief and grabs a handful of free condoms on her way out (as most of us do). Should that joy of knowing that she's taking the proper steps to protect herself be cut short, because she grabbed too many kid catchers?

Scenario Three: Walking Late With a Male Friend
Suppose me and one of my bestfriends who happens to be a girl are walking together. The sun has set hours ago and we are enjoying each others company tied up in conversation and laughter. Police cruise aside of us and exit the vehicle to search us on "suspicion" and find condoms in her purse (i've never had sex with my bestfriend). Should our moment be cut short because she is perceived as a prostitute for being too safe with her future sexual endeavors?

To answer all of these questions, FUCK NO!! I think the police should sit in front of Oxford's and examine the word suspicion a little closer, because in this case they're treating condoms like bloody knives and cocaine. This is ludicrous in every sense of the word, and sadly some young lady with a bright future and too many condoms is probably getting booked as i publish this post.


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