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Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Fucked Up Cops

During everything that's going on in Haiti a police officer shot three boys in the back for supposedly looting rice. One of the boys lies with his life hanging in the balance and another boy that cant move but can talk gives his decription of what has just happened. He says that the bags of rice they were looting" were gifts. A higher ranked officer arrives, says that this shooting has been a horrible thing and says he's calling a ambulance then disappears. The ambulance never arrived. One man was a bystander waiting for a bus; ironically he was a solid Christian and applying to be a police officer. (if this description shook u up, you dont want to watch the video posted below)

In all honesty, iFeel like CNN's taping of the dead bodies in the Haiti earthquake crisis is disrespectful, especially when you won't show the bodies of dead american soldiers "to be marked respected". (what makes a particular corpse more respectable than another?) However, i really have a huge aversion for bullshit authority figures that over use their powers. Sadly, shit like this happens quite often and despite how much ppl say they're gonna change things (cops), nothing gets changed. Even if those boys were looting, who are you to shoot them. This is simple survival.

Here's a bonus video of the NYPD being fucked up....again



  1. ok so that kid is sitting there dying and none of those camera men stop tuh think tuh call an ambulance? Those people are just as fucked up as the cops