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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whats to come in 2010

So expect a few things from me in 2010.

*The AKZion Figures Mixtape
I know i been talking about this project for a minute, but do to a beat shortage it's been forced into the backseat. However, I have every intention to release this project for the listening pleasure of you and yours. I've brought a few people on board to help me on this journey as well; a few voices, a few minds. AKZionz ReAKZion was a well received project. This will be a better project. It's all about growth as an artist, and in this project that growth will be evident.

*More Feature Verses
If you've had an ear to the DMV HipHop scene, my voice may be familiar. Peep me on projects with G5 Clive, Lola Maxwell, Hipnosis, Sinitus and be on the lookout for future tracks with guest verses via me.

*Live Performances
I haven't been on top of my live performance game at all in 2009. Can't have a repeat of that. Never been like me to not seize a stage, but sadly that's been the case this year and expect me to get out of that lump and get my rappin ass on stage.

*More Real Talk
For those of you who frequent my blog, even in my absense, you know that I'm not to shy when it comes to telling it how I see it. That aint goin nowhere and don't expect it to for a good minute. It's only right to be real. Expect more of my commentary in the year to come.

After it's all said and done we have a little less than 2 days left in the year. 2009 was a great year and the years just continue to get better. So while i lay in my crib wit my kween tomorrow night and kiss her when the ball drops, i wish all of you a safe,healthy and productive 2010. Let's survive.


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