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Monday, December 7, 2009

I know its kinda early but....

the new year is steadily approaching and I wanna review my year in 2009 really kwik.

January- i missed the Obama Inauguration back home in DC, kinda on purpose. I cant deal with 4 million tourists in my city trying to catch the train and taking pictures of all the shit that i've become desensitized to (monuments and museums) from seeing all my life.

February- took my first flight, destination East Lansing, Michigan. That was my first time leaving the east coast too. Went up there to chill wit my girl the weekend before our 11th monthiversary (made that up). First real valentine too. High school was the skirt chasin era.

March- The struggle my nigga.....shit was tuff. had a crib in west philly, niggas was late on bills cuz, none of us could find internships, food was scarce. Washer n dryer was floodin the basement, hot water was off, then the water was off all together and to top it all off....i was sober becuz i didnt have an internship yet smh. Cigarettes would then come into play (no bueno). I did however get my first glimpse of Amber Rose tho =)

April- Same shit...and my birthday. 20 is a blessing.

May- A young nigga finally got a gig. Shit was a blessing, but my money was far too long fucked up to get back on top of my shit again. All prioritized cakes in my wallet. shit was thee worst

June- I left Philly and went back home on the 26th. Broke up wit my girl the same day (got back together a week later), then went hard on Carribean Day Weekend wit my brothers. 2 days later (despite some harsh news) me, lady une, and Hip went in on life. June 28,2009 set the precedent for the rest of my summer.

July- I really dig the travelin thing. This time me, my kween and her mother took a trip to NC. My first time in the south. I wake n baked and went in the back yard and play with wolves. I got my internship in DC too. Made some money and got a lil fresh for the season. Got my chest tat a lil earlier that month too. Swaggin on these niggas in a v-neck erryday lol. Stuntacious, I made sure ppl was gon see my shit.

August- I started workin out again. My shit was on point til like Mid October when i stopped lol. I stacked a few coins too. Blew that shit on CDs and a Blackberry.

September-Sadly, i spent most of September talking about Kanye simple ass at the MTV awards. When i came back to school in Philly, my homegirl WiMo put me on game to this dope ass spot in Fairmount Park and lecture was already being skipped on park trips.

October- I introduced my man EJ to WiMo and we instantly became a team. TFY Ho. HD Since Day One. My girl came to visit me up in Philly for Halloween wknd and guess wut...the wretched period reared its hideous head. That was thee L!!

November- Classes n midterms. I got my work-study in the math office and i realized how much I've been neglecting The Vagabond Speaks once again. Sorry guys. HD posts comin soon.

December- Hundreds of jays and -40 lbs later i reach now, and I'll try my best to keep up with my blog. Sorry once again.

Let's see what 2010 got in store for me and my team. Hopefully more money, brocolli and bigger music; but looks like we have to wait n see.


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